A&S Petitions

Arts & Sciences Petitions are forms to request approval for academic processes which require special consideration. There are many reasons that you may need to submit a petition, and listed below are a few examples. See also our Forms page.

The College of Arts and Sciences Admissions and Appeals Committee is comprised of A&S faculty who will review your petition. Students with a first petition will be notified of a decision via email after submitting an accurate petition form. For an appeal of a previous decision, students should expect a longer wait for notification.

If you need assistance filling out the forms please come to our office in Gardiner Hall and we will be glad to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add or drop an A&S class after the deadline? Instructions and procedures for Late-Add and Late-Withdrawal.

Items Commonly Missed on Forms - Review this list before submitting forms.

Petitions and Forms

Petition forms are available digitally via this website. You can turn them in to the A&S Advising Office, located on the 1st floor of Gardiner Hall, building #8 on the Belknap Campus map.

  1. Curriculum Petition
  2. Instructor's Remarks
  3. Late Add a Class
  4. Late Withdrawal or Change to Audit, Pass/Fail, or Letter Grade


    Further Information on each type of form:

    1. Curriculum Petition

    The Curriculum Petition is used to request academic bankruptcy, course overloads, waiver of suspension policy, some course substitutions and waiver, and other University policies.
    If you have been out of school for at least a semester please see our readmission form.

    2. Instructor's Remarks

    It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the instructors remarks. If you are not sure of the instructor's name or how to locate the instructor, please contact the department offering the course. The department will help you locate the instructor or otherwise complete the form. This form is often used with petitions for late withdrawal from a course. You must have at least one Instructor's Remarks form per class.

    Please click the PDF Link to download the form.

    3. Late Add a Class

    Petition to late-add a course to your current schedule. You must also submit a completed Instructors Remarks form.

    4. Late Withdrawal or Change to Audit, Pass/Fail, or Letter Grade

    Use this form to withdraw from a course after the posted Withdrawal Deadline has passed or to change to/from pass/fail or letter-grade. This form is also used to request a late change to Audit after the deadline. You must also submit a completed Instructors Remarks form for each class you are attempting to withdraw from your schedule.



    Admissions office forms: Petition for Readmission after sitting out (not a petition to waive suspension)


    If you have not been enrolled in UofL for at least one semester due to suspension or any other reason, please fill out this Petition for readmission to the University of Louisville (not just from Arts & Sciences). If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Admissions at 502-852-6531

    If you are seeking to waive your suspension you need the A&S curriculum petition instead.

    For commencement (graduation) petitions please see your academic advisor 852-5502.

    For Petitions regarding credit for General Education please see the Provost's Office website:


    Credit for CD courses