Jonathan Ferrante

Jonathan Ferrante is a National Board Certified Teacher from Long Island, New York with twenty years of experience and has taught the AP World History course since its inception.  Mr. Ferrante has been a reader for the College Board numerous times and has led many one day workshops and summer institutes. Jonathan took an active role in the development of model a syllabus for the new framework and helped design the activities in the AP World History workbook used in workshops and institutes.  The summer institute will focus on understanding the revised framework and how it applies to classroom instruction as well as the new exam.  There will be fifteen lessons designed to help teachers understand College Board expectations for the course and how to apply those expectations to unit and lesson design. Significant time will be devoted to investigating the four historical thinking skills, historical themes, periodization, and key concepts, which form the basis of the framework. Participants will use their understanding to develop a syllabus, course calendar and model units and lessons. There will be activities for both new and experienced teachers.