Meet the 2013 MLK Scholars

Thomas Gordon III
Central Hardin HS
Cecilia, KY

Thomas was a member of the varsity basketball team, varsity football team, track and field, and the concert band and wind ensemble. Thomas also participated in the Beta club, Y-club, Earth and Space club, and Young Democrats. Thomas is majoring in biology with aspirations of becoming a neurosurgeon.

Thomas' peace/social justice area of interest is access to quality health care.

Jason Jewell
Central HS
Louisville, KY
Political Science

"My name is Jason Jewell, I am currently a sophomore Political Science major. Along with my participation in the MLK Jr. Scholars Program, I am a McConnell Scholar and Harlan Scholar. For the 2014-2015 school year I will serve as an SGA Senator representing Arts and Sciences. I was born and raised in Louisville and continue to be active in both political and social justice issues on campus, throughout the city and state. The MLK Jr. Scholars Program and the advisors encourage each student to find their voices to make change in the world. I can't break college down to one favorite moment, whether it be sledding at 2am, 1 am runs to Burger Boy or all the little moments that make a great day, the greatest times of college come alongside some of your closest friends, as mine have. Somehow most of the time, the joy and freedom of college drowns out the stress of the work."

Jason's peace/social justice area of interest is poverty and equal rights.

Isaiah Lewis
Bryan Station HS
Lexington, KY
Political Science

"I am a double major in English and Political Science and a double minor in Spanish and History in hopes of becoming an attorney. The MLK Jr Scholars program is an extraordinary program that allows for the individuals who partake in it to interact with each other and open up connections to the outside world. We are involved in helping people all around the community in trying to instill peace and justice values in each and every individual. With doing events such as wayside, we are able to give back to our community in multiple ways. My favorite college experience is meeting people from all over the country and world who are here to achieve the same thing I am...and education. It amazes me how one thing such as education can bring so many people together."

Isaiah’s peace/social justice area of interest is equality through fair taxation.

Korri Woods
Iroquois HS
Louisville, KY

"I am a sophomore with a major in Accountancy and a minor in Computer Information Systems. In addition to participating in the MLK Jr. Scholars Program, I also am a Cardinal Covenant recipient and I try my best to regularly stay involved within both programs. Over the course of my year here, I have been a blogger for Cards Voice (the University's official blogging team), selected as a Resident Assistant, and founded my own RSO - Cardinal Hip Hop Club. What I have ended up liking the most about the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholars Program are the bond that I have been able to build with not just other MLK Jr. Scholars, but with faculty members, teachers, and students that I otherwise wouldn't know. My favorite moment as a MLK Jr. Scholar was being part of the interview process for the next cohort of MLK Jr. Scholars. For the first time, I realized that my name as a MLK Jr. Scholar means something to other incoming students and that it provides a truly unique opportunity that some students need and otherwise wouldn't have"

Korri's peace/social area of interest is social equality as a globally engaged citizen.

Robyn Blackman
duPont Manual HS
Louisville, KY

"I am currently a Biology major. I am involved in the Multcultural Association of Pre-Health students and I have set my sights on becoming a Neonatologist. I also regularly volunteer at the Norton Hospital Pediatric Virology Lab assisting with research and testing. I have thoroughly enjoyed the MLK Jr. Scholars Program. I am specifically thankful for the community that this program provides not only among the scholars but among the advisors as well. This program fosters a success-driven environment that not only inspires excellence but demands it. Overall, college has been a whirlwind experience, but I am so tremendously thankful not for a specific moment of my time thus far at the University of Louisville, but this past year as a whole. This year has allowed me to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually - growth that I didn't know needed to  happen, but now I realize is necessary in order for me to fulfill the plans God has for my future."

Robyn’s peace/social justice area of interest is access to quality education.

Courtney Brown
South Oldham HS
Crestwood, KY

Courtney participated in the Governor’s Scholar program as well as the Beta Club. She volunteered at her local elementary school that collected canned food and toys to give to the less fortunate. Courtney also volunteered for the Oldham County Arts Center Edge program that focused on enriching student grades 1-3 by providing lessons about cooking, science, and creativity of the arts.

Courtney’s peace/social justice area of interest is workplace/discrimination and access to quality education.

Jazmen Conner
Tates Creek HS
Lexington, KY

"This year I will be participating in the Honors Student Council on the Honors Volunteer Program committee. I will also be starting an Equity and Inclusion internship and finishing the MLK Jr. Scholars Program and Bonner Leader Service Program. What I like most about the MLK Jr. Scholars Program is the sense of community that the group developed over the year. It's hard to lose track of your goals when you are surrounded by all the distractions of college life, but with a group of driven peers, they keep you focused and competitive. My favorite experience thus far has been the late night runs to Denny's for breakfast. There have been some interesting memories made in those booths throughout the year."

Jazmen’s peace/social justice area of interest is understanding through intercultural engagement.