IRB Fee Schedules

IRB Fee Schedules

Research sponsored by corporate entities expected to generate $10,000 or more in revenue will incur IRB review fees. Investigators must include IRB review fees plus the UofL F&A rate in the study contract/budget

Initial Review Fee

$3000 + F&A

Continuation Review Fee

$1000 + F&A (billed for each continuation review)

Central IRB Administrative Review Fee

$3000 + F&A (one-time fee when relying on an external IRB of record)

    When the UofL IRB serves as the IRB of Record for Norton Healthcare non-industry funded projects, the following fees apply. Norton Healthcare industry-funded projects shall be charged at the UofL Industry/Pharmaceutical/Corporate IRB review fee rate.

    Initial Review Fee

    $1500 (full board and expedited review)

    Continuation Review Fee

    $500 (billed for each continuation review)

    Exemption Determination


    Non-Human Subjects Research and Case Report Determination


      University of Louisville IRB will review requests to serve as a Single IRB (sIRB) for multi-site human subjects research. Single IRB review fees apply to funded studies who wish to use the UofL IRB as the sIRB.

      For federally funded grants, investigators must include sIRB review fees as direct costs in the grant budget for each participating site that will rely on the UofL IRB. Such direct costs are included in the Modified Total Direct Cost base and will incur F&A.; The UofL IRB will only charge sIRB review fees for non-UofL participating sites that are relying on the UofL IRB.

      More information about UofL's IRB policies and procedures for sIRB review can be found on the External Collaborations page.

      A base fee schedule can be found in the table below. Additional fees may be incurred based on the complexity of the study, number of participating sites, and longevity of the study. Final total of fees will be issued to the researcher after consultation with the UofL IRB office.

      Initial IRB Review Fee

      UofL Primary Site Review: $0

      Non-UofL Relying Site Review: $1500 per site + F&A;

      Continuation IRB Review Fee

      UofL Primary Site Review: $0

      Non-UofL Relying Site Review: $500 per site + F&A; (billed for each continuation review)

        Collection of IRB Fees

          For UofL Contracts and Grants executed on or after 7/1/2018

          The UofL IRB office will bill the study speedtype directly upon review of an initial submission or continuation review. Local study contact(s) will be provided with an invoice for filing.

          Contracts executed prior to 7/1/2018

          IRB continues to bill the sponsor directly.

          Norton Healthcare IRB Services

          IRB fees due upon receipt of invoice.

          IRB shall withhold approval or closure of a study if all fees have not been paid.


          Checks payable to:

          University of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.
          University of Louisville Institutional Review Boards
          300 E. Market Street, Suite 380
          Louisville KY 40202

          Questions about IRB review fees can be emailed to: