International Research

If you plan to conduct research outside of the United States, even by remote means (e.g., electronic survey, Teams interviews, etc.), the foreign country’s research and data privacy laws may apply. Researchers must be aware of the rules, laws, and regulations in the countries where they plan to conduct research. University of Louisville’s legal/privacy team will review these projects to ensure the university and the research can comply with the country specific requirements. It's important to plan and reach out to the HSPPO as soon as possible. The additional reviews will add to the processing timeline.

Tips for your IRB submission:

  • Review International Research in the HSPPO Policy Manual;
  • Have knowledge of the rules that apply to data collected in the countries the research will take place in.
  • Include information in the research protocol and IRB application outlining:
    • How the countries specific requirements will be met.
    • How the data will be stored and encrypted.
    • The researchers experience with the culture and laws of the country where research will take place.
  • Include a statement in the informed consent document(s) (including unsigned consents) informing participants that their data will be shared outside of the country.
  • In addition to the study consent, fill out and attach a Data Privacy Consent with the IRB submission. Depending on the countries data privacy law, the Data Privacy Consent may also be required.
  • Review the policies and procedures found on UofL's Export and Secure Research Compliance webpage.