Office of Research and Innovation


Research with Impact

The University of Louisville is a premier, metropolitan research institution bursting with creativity and ideas. The vision of the Office of Research and Innovation is to support those ideas, helping them grow and spread so they can change, improve and even save lives.

We do this by providing support for our scholarly community as they work to explore and increase our collective understanding of the world through art, science, business and a multitude of different disciplines. We also teach our students the value of those pursuits, molding them into the next generation of thinkers, creators, explorers and leaders.

UofL is an ambitious institution continuously meeting the bar, then setting it higher. Our national and international vision and scope recognizes our campus’ leadership role in advancing understanding and transforming the lives of the people and institutions both on- and off-campus, throughout the city, state, country and world.


UofL research is being used to help to improve lives and expand our understanding of the world and our place in it.”

– Jon Klein, UofL Interim Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation






Office of Research and Innovation

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