Non-Funded Agreements

Some research-related agreements with outside entities don't include funding, but still must go through the standard institutional reviews, negotiation and approvals. These are called 'non-funded agreements,' and include things like material transfer and non-disclosure agreements. 

While they don't come with funding, these agreements are critical to how we interact with partners outside the university, and they are increasingly common. At UofL, these agreements are typically handled by the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration and UofL Commercialization and Innovation, depending on the type and context of the agreement.

Examples of non-funded agreements include:

A material transfer agreement (MTA) is the contractual instrument used to define the terms and conditions for the exchange of materials, such as cell lines, proteins and plant varieties. An MTA typically sets forth rights to use the materials and may allocate rights that result from their use. Learn more about MTAs at UofL here

Nondisclosure Agreements (NDA) allow companies and researchers to discuss and share business and technical information, such as unpublished data, unpatented technologies or research plans, without fear that the information will be disseminated. Learn more about NDAs at UofL here.