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General Questions

I park my car at Papa John's Stadium. I was told that I can't park in "Purple" lots during weekday football games. Where and when do I need to move my car? What happens if I leave my car at the stadium?

Students and employees who park at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium must move their vehicle before 7:30am on the days of home football games. Failure to move any vehicle from the Stadium parking lots could result in a citation and/or impoundment at the owner’s expense.

Alternate parking for students and employees will be made available at near or in the KFEC (Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center). Access to KFEC will be granted at no charge as long as the University member has their valid parking permit with them.  Additional instructions will be emailed to permit holders before the game and posted on the University Parking website.

I need to park for a minute to run into a campus building. I was told by [my friend, my RA or hall director, some stranger on the street] that I could leave my hazard lights on to avoid a parking ticket. Is that true?

No. Parking Services does not condone this activity as short-term legal parking. If your vehicle is illegally parked, no matter the duration, you may receive a parking citation. This applies to all spaces on campus: regular spaces, disabled spaces, services areas, etc. In addition to visitor pay parking in the Floyd Street Garage and at 4th and Cardinal Blvd, parking meters are available throughout campus and on city streets to accommodate short-term parking.

I have a state-issued handicap permit. Can I use it to park on campus? If not, how can I get a permit to park in the disabled spaces at UofL?

Any state-issued handicap permit may park only in visitor areas. You will need to apply for a UofL Handicap parking permit. All applications will be forwarded to your doctor for approval. UofL Handicap permits are valid only on UofL's campuses.

How do the visitor passes work and how many can I get?

Visitor permits may be purchased for $4 per day.  They can be purchased in the parking office or a printable permit is available online.

At what times can I cross park with a green or purple permit?

After 4:15 pm in the "Blue" permit parking lots for Green & Purple permits and after 5:00 pm in the "Red" reserved permit parking lots for Purple and Green, except "Red" Spaces that are enforced 24 hours a day.

Where are the paylots located?
There is a paylot on the north side of the Floyd St. Garage off Floyd St. on Belknap Campus that requires payment 24/7. The permitted area of Floyd Street Garage is available M-F 4:00pm-7:30am and weekends for a $4 flat fee.  There is a new paylot located on the corner of 4th Street and Cardinal Blvd.

On HSC campus there is a paylot south of the Dental School off Preston Street.  It requires an hourly rate from Sunday 7pm-Saturday 6am.

Where are the parking offices located? What are the hours?


On Belknap Campus:
Floyd St. Parking Garage 2126 S Floyd St Suite 100
7:30am-5:00pm Monday-Friday

On Health Sciences Center Campus:
Chestnut St. Parking Garage
414 East Chestnut St.
8-4 pm Monday-Friday
Closed 1:00-2:00 pm for lunch