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University Parking & Transportation Services

Motorist Assistance and Cardsafe

Motor Assistance: We help to jump start dead batteries, unlock vehicles that have the keys locked in and fill air in a flat tire. We do not change tires. Please note, the service may not be available due to various circumstances. For assistance call (502) 852-PARK (7275). Campus Escort: When walking on campus during the evening hours, you should walk with another person and use well-lit, well-traveled routes like the L Trail. But that's not always possible. If you get stuck out late at night studying or working on campus and don't want to walk alone, request an escort. This service is provided for any member of the university community from dusk to dawn any day of the year. Escort Service boundaries on Belknap extend within the campus, to University Park Apartments and up to four blocks off campus. At the Health Sciences Center, escorts also are available to the parking lots or nearby vehicles. Call 502.852.6111

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