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University Parking & Transportation Services

Parking Rules and Regulations


The purpose of these regulations is to expedite the safe and orderly conduct of university business and to provide parking facilities in support of this function within the limits of available space.   


By virtue of the authority vested in the Board of Trustees via the provisions KRS 164.950-164.990, regulations pertaining to the operation of vehicles by faculty, staff, students and visitors are hereby established and set forth.     

University liability

No liability is created by the granting of parking or vehicle operating privileges on property owned, leased or otherwise controlled by the university. The university assumes no responsibility for the care or protection of vehicles or contents while operated or parked on university property. The university does not and is not able to regularly monitor or provide security for all parking lots or facilities.

Driver responsibility

1.            Finding Authorized Space: The responsibility of finding an authorized parking space rests with the driver. Lack of parking space in a specific area, mechanical problems, inclement weather conditions or other disabilities are not considered valid excuses for violation of traffic and parking regulations.  

2.            Space Availability: A parking permit does not guarantee the holder a specific parking space except for red reserved permits. It is only an opportunity to park within a specified area or areas. Lack of space in a specific location is not considered a valid excuse for violation of a regulation. Drivers should be aware that spaces in prime locations tend to fill up first. Depending on time of arrival, the stadium parking lot may be the best choice for parking with use of the #94 shuttle service to Belknap Campus.

3.            Enforcement: Failure of the university to strictly enforce any parking regulation shall not be construed as a waiver for the future enforcement of the regulation.

4.            Family Responsibility: Individuals are responsible for citations issued to vehicles registered in their name or to their family.  

5.            Permit Ownership: A parking permit signifies an individual has been granted the privilege of parking on university property. Ownership of the parking permit remains with the university. Individuals are not allowed to transfer permit ownership. Copying one’s own valid parking permit for personal or others’ usage is not permissible and is viewed as altering a permit. All recovered permits reported lost or stolen should be returned to the Parking Office immediately. Possession or use of a lost/stolen permit or a forged/altered permit will result in a fine, tow and impoundment of vehicle and loss of parking privileges.  

6.            Stall Designation: Parking is permitted only within marked stalls in paved lots. Stalls are marked by two white lines on either side and across the closed end of the space except for some accessible spaces that may be marked with yellow lines on each side of the space. At some locations, a bumper block will designate a valid parking space. Yellow and red curbs and hashed-out areas are designated fire lanes or no parking zones. These areas are tow-away zones and must be kept clear at all times for emergency vehicles.  

Parking regulations

1.           The individual who purchases a parking permit shall be responsible for non-moving violations by any vehicle bearing that permit. Motor vehicle operators are responsible for all moving traffic violations. Moving traffic violation or criminal citations are adjudicated through the appropriate district court as provided for under KRS 164.950-164.990.  

2.           The type of permit determines parking privileges. Areas for parking are indicated online at under campus maps, and in the parking areas by signs. In all cases of conflict, signs and markings will take precedence over any conflicting parking map designation. All areas not specifically designated for parking shall be considered “No Parking” zones.

Red permits allow parking in the assigned red space before 5 p.m. and in Blue and Purple areas after 4:15 p.m. Parking may occur in Blue prior to 4:15 p.m. as long as it is not in close proximity to the designated reserved space. Red permits are restricted from parking in resident spaces.

Belknap Blue permits allow parking in Blue, Third Street South and Purple designated areas. Parking may also occur in non-24 hr. Red after 5 p.m. Blue permits are restricted from parking in resident spaces.

Faculty and Staff who choose to use payroll deduction as their payment method will be able to purchase a permit with no expiration date. This permit will be paid for at the beginning of every fiscal year. Communication will be sent out in late spring about the upcoming cost of the permit and will be automatically renewed through the payroll system. If payroll is terminated for any reason and payment is not authorized, the permit will be deactivated and is no longer valid.

Resident parking permits allow parking in resident areas designated by their permit color.  Resident permit holders are not permitted to park in other resident parking zones. All Resident permits allow parking in Purple. After 4:15 p.m. daily, Resident permits may park in any Blue and in non-24 hr. Red after 5 p.m. Overnight parking is not permitted in pay facilities unless previously approved by Parking and Transportation Services administration.

Third Street South permits allow parking in this designated lot only. After 4:15 p.m. daily, Third Street South permits may park in Blue and in non-24 hr. Red after 5 p.m.  

Purple permits allow parking at the football Stadium. After 4:15 p.m. daily, Purple permits may park in Blue and in non-24 hr. Red after 5 p.m. When classes are not in session (e.g. Reading Day, Spring Break) and the #94 Shuttle does not operate, Purple permits allow parking in any resident parking lot, Third Street South lot and the Blue permitted areas of the Floyd Street Garage. Parking at the football Stadium is prohibited on football game days or other identified events. All vehicles must be moved by 10 p.m. the day before the event or the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Health Sciences Center permits are restricted to their respective garages/lots.

Belknap Campus Red and Blue permit holders may park at Health Sciences Center Campus in spaces designated for Belknap Campus permit holders located on Madison Street adjacent to the 620 HSC Garage and behind the Chestnut Street Garage accessed from Jackson or Preston streets.

Health Sciences Center employee permits may park on Belknap Campus in spaces designated for Health Sciences Center employee permit holders located on First Street. 620 HSC Garage permits possessing a resident sticker are restricted to resident parking areas. 620 HSC Garage student permits are not permitted to park in HSC identified spaces on Belknap Campus. All non-resident 620 HSC Garage permits allow parking in Blue, Third Street South lot, or purple permitted spaces at the Stadium on Belknap Campus. Students enrolled in more credit hours at Health Sciences Center than Belknap Campus must possess a Health Sciences Center permit. Students completing a co-op at the Health Sciences Center must have a Health Sciences Center permit. Students who have more credit hours on Belknap Campus and who possess a valid permit will park in the 620 HSC Garage in non-reserve or carpool spaces.

3.            Scratch-off parking permits allow parking in non-reserve permitted spaces on each campus. Scratch-off permits are only valid for the day indicated on the permit. Any scratch-off permit indicating a future date will be subject to a citation as a non-valid permit.  

4.            University parking rules and regulations are in effect all year (including periods when classes are not in session, i.e. Christmas and Spring breaks). Parking permit regulations remain in effect when parking lot gates are raised between 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. whether class is in session or not.

5.            It is not possible to post signs or paint all areas where parking is prohibited. However, the following guidelines will be strictly enforced. It is prohibited to park:

  • without displaying a valid permit;
  • in reserved spaces without a proper permit; reserved spaces are enforced without a call from permit holder. University Parking must be notified in advance when someone else has been granted permission to use reserved space; 
  • in “No Parking” areas;
  • in a accessible space 24/7 without a proper university permit; state-issued accessible permits are permissible in university accessible spaces between 7:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m.;
  • blocking accessible access;
  • blocking fire lanes, fire exits or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant;  
  • blocking doorways or dumpsters;
  • longer than 20 minutes in designated loading zones unless displaying a proper loading zone permit; flashers must be on in loading zones;
  • over two spaces;
  • in service entrances, construction sites or spaces reserved for service vehicles;  
  • on the lawn, sidewalk, crosswalk or parking lot driveways;
  • exceeding time at meters or in time-limited areas, or at malfunctioning meters;
  • in areas where permit is not valid;
  • over or adjacent to yellow lines or curbs;
  • against the flow of traffic.

6.            Vehicles must be parked in a designated space. The fact that one vehicle is parked in such a manner as to occupy more than one parking space is not an acceptable excuse for another operator to do the same.

7.            Vehicles are not allowed in areas or spaces closed by barricades or other traffic control devices.

8.            Motorcycles and motor scooters shall not be parked in a building. All motorcycles must be parked in a designated space or area designated for motorcycle parking. The same rules pertain to motorcycles as to cars, except more than one motorcycle/scooter may be parked in one regular parking space. A motorcycle or licensed moped/scooter must have a valid University of Louisville parking permit to be parked on university property.  Motorcycle permits should be placed on the back of license plate. Non-licensed scooters/mopeds must be parked at a bicycle rack.

9. Vehicle maintenance may not be performed on university property, other than emergency repairs and the Parking Office must be notified.

10. Multi- and single-space parking meters are available to visitors, students and university faculty and staff. Meters are enforced 24 hours every day, unless otherwise indicated at the location of the meter.


All parking notifications are published at in the Announcement section or on Facebook at

Parking penalties and fines

1.            The person who purchases a parking permit will be held responsible for non-moving parking violations by any vehicle bearing that permit.

2.            One citation for not displaying a valid permit, if parked in a non-reserved or non-accessible space, in a permitted lot for new faculty, staff and students may be excused.

3.           Fines are payable online at, in person at the Parking Offices, Scan & Pay QR code on citation, or by mail.

Schedule of fines

No valid permit:   $40

Parked in driving lane: $50

Prohibited by sign: $50

Area permit does not apply: $30

Not within marked space:      $30

Parked on grass, dirt, sidewalk: $50

Red reserved space: $100

Prohibited by marking: $30

Meter violation:    $20

Visitor/patient parking only: $30

Accessible space/blocking
access ramp: $250

Possession lost/stolen permit: $250

Owns permit but failed
to display: $20

Loading zone $30

Forged/altered permit: $250

Private Property: $100

Tailgating: $50


4.            Students and employees with unpaid parking citations cannot purchase a new parking permit. Students will have a financial hold placed on their registrar accounts and may be subject to a loss of university services until the fines are paid and financial hold is released by the Parking Office. 

5. As provided for in KRS 164.975, a person using a fraudulent parking permit, in possession of a lost/stolen parking permit or found to be a “habitual violator” may be denied permission to park or operate a motor vehicle on property owned or controlled by the University of Louisville. Incidents involving UofL registered students will be referred to the Dean of Students for administrative review.

Removal or impoundment
of vehicle

Parking and Transportation Services is authorized to remove, impound and immobilize motor vehicles on university property at the owner’s expense under the following circumstances:

  • when a vehicle is unattended or left under circumstances which indicate it has been abandoned (has not been moved for an extended period of time and/or appears to be inoperable);
  • when a vehicle is parked illegally or blocking an accessible space or access;
  • when a vehicle is parked illegally in a Red reserved space;
  • when the displayed parking permit has been reported lost or stolen, or appears to be forged or altered;
  • when a vehicle is parked in a fire lane or driving lane; blocking a doorway, dumpster, fire hydrant or emergency exit; or in a tow-away zone;
  • when any vehicle is determined to have three or more unpaid parking citations charged against it. Impounded vehicles will be held until all outstanding citations and charges have been satisfied. 

Tow Warning: Vehicles with three (3) or more outstanding violations may have a tow warning affixed to the driver’s side window. The owner/operator then has 24 hours to clear all citations and fees outstanding before the vehicle will be towed and impounded. Vehicles with five (5) or more outstanding citations will not be provided a courtesy tow warning sticker and are eligible for tow immediately when found on university property.

Tow Fee: The fee for a vehicle tow is $100. If an immobilizer or wheel lock is used in lieu of towing a vehicle, the fee is $60. A show-up fee of $40 is charged in situations where the wrecker is called but the vehicle is not impounded. Tow fee applies when vehicle is hooked up to wrecker. Tow and impoundment fees are subject to change based on the terms of the contract for providing the service.

Impoundment: A vehicle is deemed to be impounded when it has been located by an officer of Parking and Transportation Services and the towing process has been initiated, even though the tow truck has not yet arrived, or when a wheel lock has been placed on vehicle. Unauthorized removal of an impounded vehicle may result in criminal prosecution and revocation of parking privileges on university property.

Disposal of Vehicles: Impounded vehicles not claimed within 30 days will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of as per provisions of state law.

Appeal Procedure: To dispute a parking citation, a written appeal must be submitted on the parking appeal form within seven days of receiving the citation online at or at one of the Parking Offices. Parking appeals will not be accepted after seven days. If an appeal is denied, a personal appeal may be requested. Failure to appear for personal appeals will result in a denial of appeal. The Parking Appeals Committee is composed of faculty, staff and students who will adjudicate written appeals. The Appeals Committee will not accept appeals for the following reasons:

  • person submitting appeal has other outstanding escalated parking violations.
  • person was in possession of a lost/stolen or forged/altered permit.
  • person wants to appeal tow fees/immobilization fees.
  • Accessible space/blocking access ramp
  • Fire lane

Citations issued for the above violations may be contested through a request for administrative review of the citation issued on an individual basis. 

Violations and penalties

The individual who purchases a parking permit shall be responsible for non-moving violations by any vehicle bearing that permit. Motor vehicle operators are responsible for all moving traffic violations. Moving traffic violation or criminal citations are adjudicated through the appropriate district court as provided for under KRS 164.950-164.990.  

Permit registration

1.            Any student, faculty or staff member, or person with university business desiring to park on property owned or controlled by the university, except paid meter spaces or pay parking lots, must display a valid UofL parking permit from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Resident parking areas are enforced 24 hours every day.

2.            Purple parking permits are available to all members of the university community, alumni and university affiliates. Resident parking permits are available to all students who live in a University of Louisville residence facility or Greek housing on campus. Student residents will be permitted to purchase only one Resident parking permit. Red parking permits are available to faculty and staff. Blue permits are available to faculty, staff and graduate students. Third Street South permits are available to employees, graduate students, residents and undergraduate students based upon availability. Retirees may purchase Blue, 620 HSC Garage or Purple permits. Chestnut Street Garage permits (Magenta designation) and Jewish Hospital Parking Garage permits are available to faculty and staff. 620 HSC Garage permits are available to faculty, staff and students.  Gold permits are issued to members of the Board of Trustees, Silver permits are issued to members of the Louisville Foundation and Athletic Association. Accessible parking permits and accommodations are available to students, staff and faculty with medically verified disabilities.

4. Permit required for each student will be determined by student’s enrolled credit hours on each campus.

Placement of permit

To be valid, a permit must be clearly visible with permit hanging from the rearview mirror post of a vehicle. A permit must not be defaced or altered in any way. Adhesive permit must be clearly visible on the driver’s-side rear bumper or on the back of the rearview mirror. On a motorcycle and motor scooter, the adhesive permit must be affixed to the back of the license plate.

Use of multiple vehicles

Faculty, staff and students may only purchase one parking permit in their individual names.  A permit may be transferred to any vehicle driven.

Theft or loss of permit 

The theft or loss of a parking permit should be reported to the Parking Office immediately. After a report has been filed, a lost or stolen permit will be replaced for $20.  


If a student withdraws within the first 15 days of classes in either the fall or spring semester and returns the permit, a prorated refund will be made. If the permit has been unopened and returned within 15 days, a full refund less $5 will be charged.  A portion of the permit cost will be refunded for permits purchased the first semester and returned to the Parking Office by the last business day in January. No refunds will be offered to students after the last business day in January. If a faculty or staff member terminates employment from the university and returns his or her permit prior to the first business day in May, a prorated amount will be refunded. Employee permits are prorated monthly. All outstanding parking violations must be paid before a refund will be issued. 

Special events
and lot maintenance

The Parking Office has the authority to temporarily close individual parking lots, driveways or other parking facilities when necessary to accommodate the needs of the university. These include, but are not restricted to: street and/or lot cleaning, maintenance and parking for university-sponsored events. Notices detailing the restrictions, date(s) and time will be posted as far in advance as possible.

Loading zone/service permits of personal vehicles

Loading zone permits are available to faculty and staff members using personal vehicles to conduct university business. Individuals should contact the Parking Office at 852-7275 for details or apply online at under online forms.

Metroversity students

Metroversity students are required to purchase a parking permit from their home institution. The host institution will issue a permit to park at its institution at no charge.  Those permits are obtained from the Metroversity Office. At the University of Louisville, a host student is eligible to receive a Purple (stadium) permit at no charge on a per-semester basis. Purple permits may park after 4:15 p.m. in Blue and after 5 p.m. in Red.  

Accessible parking

A university accessible permit is required from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. It is prohibited to park in an accessible space without an accessible permit 24/7. Individuals with disabilities should contact the Parking Office at 852-7275 for information on the accessible permit application process. The Parking Office must obtain a recommendation from the applicant’s medical provider for the parking permit. The Parking Office will submit the request to the medical provider upon receipt of the application. A review process will be conducted every four years. University accessible permits are valid in any designated accessible spaces including those in gated lots (except the University Club parking lot). State issued accessible permits are only valid in visitor pay lots on campus. Payment is required in accessible spaces in visitor pay lots and metered spaces.

Short-time permits

Faculty, staff or students who have purchased a parking permit but forget to place it on the vehicle they are driving to campus may obtain a free one-day replacement permit five times per semester; thereafter replacements will cost $6 per day.

Contractor parking

“Contractor” is defined as any company that is contracted by the university for construction, renovation or repair projects. Any general contractor who has been awarded a project for campus construction is eligible to purchase two (2) Contractor parking permits at the established fee. Only the general contractor and/or key subcontractor may use these permits during the construction period. Additional parking for construction workers is available at  Cardinal Stadium or in lots designated by Parking and Transportation at the established fee. Location of parking will be determined at the time of the permit purchase. Regardless of parking area, all contractors who wish to park a motor vehicle on university property are required to purchase and display a University of Louisville permit. Contractor parking permits are $40 per month or $10 per week for on-campus parking. Contractor parking permits for Cardinal Stadium are $16 per month or $4 per week.

Vendor parking

“Vendor” is defined as a representative of companies that maintain goods and services to fulfill contractual obligations. Any vendor who is contracted by the University of Louisville for service or sales is eligible to purchase a Vendor parking permit at the current fee. Location of parking will be determined at the time of the permit purchase. Regardless of parking area, all vendors who wish to park a motor vehicle on university property are required to purchase and display a University of Louisville permit. Vendor parking permits are $40 per month/$480 per year or $10 per week for on-campus parking. 

EV charging

EV charging stations are located on the first floor of the Floyd Street Garage. A valid University of
Louisville parking permit is required upon entry or by taking a transient ticket (after 4 p.m. daily or on weekends). Charging is limited to four hours.

Parking & transportation services

Belknap Campus
Floyd Street Parking Garage
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852-7275 (PARK)

Health Sciences Center
Chestnut Street Parking Garage

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