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Bicycle Questions

What is the Earn-A-Bike Program and how does it work?

The university issues a limited number of vouchers each year for the purchase of a bicycle and supplies to members of the university community who agree not to drive to campus for two years.  Applications for the program are accepted each summer and vouchers are issued at the beginning of each academic year.  More information may be found on the website of the Sustainability Office.

What are the benefits of registering my bicycle?

  1. Registration acts as a visible theft deterrent; similar programs on other campuses have decreased bicycle thefts.
  2. Registration has the potential to reduce costs to cyclists.  The owner of a registered bike illegally parked or appearing to be abandoned can be contacted directly in certain situations using the information provided during registration, rather than impounding the bicycle and/or cutting the lock. 
  3. Proof of registration can be helpful in filing an insurance claim on a stolen bike.
  4. Registration aids in theft recovery. Parking & Transportation can flag a registered bike as stolen, provide the your serial number for a police report and look for the bike.

Who should register their bicycles?

All members of the campus community who plan to park a bicycle on campus are encouraged to register the bicycle free of charge.