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Please Note: all survey administration dates and samples are required to be approved by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) regardless of any other assistance needed.

IE serves the University’s continuous improvement efforts. To that end, IE reserves the right to share relevant survey data processed through the IE office with other offices and departments if the data will be used for program improvement purposes.

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If you'd like to administer the survey on your own, please note that UofL has a university-wide license for Blue Survey, a comprehensive online survey administration tool. Any university employee may request an account and receive training through the Office of Institutional Research and Planning. To request an account and training, please contact

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Please Note: Some surveys require approval though the Institutional Review Board/Human Subjects Research Office. Please be sure to review the IRB requirements to determine if your survey needs IRB approval prior to launch. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is not responsible for IRB applications.
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