About IE


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) actively engages the campus community in the continuous improvement of student learning, support services, and administrative operations by providing leadership to facilitate assessment practices and data-driven decision-making.



To be considered by the UofL community as the primary institutional assessment leader, recognized as a supportive, responsive, and productive office that provides information, research, and analysis of the highest quality. IE will strive to facilitate the integration of accountability, assessment, and planning to maximize the data-driven decision-making necessary for institutional effectiveness at a nationally recognized metropolitan research university.


  • Collaboration
  • Continuous improvement
  • Integrity
  • Quality assessment
  • Transparency

Our team

Katie Partin, PhD, Director

  • Katie Partin, PhD, is the Director in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE). Katie is responsible for national survey and learning assessment administration for the university, as well as survey administration related to job placement and educational plans. Additionally, she assists offices across campus with survey design, student learning outcome (SLO) development, and statistical analyses. Prior to IE, Katie has worked in various areas of higher education, to include student activities, transfer services, financial aid, and first year programming. Katie is an alumnae of UofL with both an MEd and PhD in Counseling and Personnel Services (specializing in College Student Personnel). Katie is also an adjunct professor in the College Student Personnel and the Higher Education Administration graduate programs in the College of Education and Human Development at UofL.

Coordinator, Vacant

  • The Coordinator is the lead analyst in IE to design, administer, and analyze university-wide surveys using eXplorance Blue. In addition, they work directly with university faculty & staff to conduct research on a variety of institutional concerns and issues.

 Brit Thompson, M.A., Program Coordinator Senior

  • Brit Thompson, M.A. is the Program Coordinator Senior in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE). Brit is responsible for providing assistance in the SACS accreditation process for IE and assists with the coordination of the university-wide annual outcomes assessment process. Brit is responsible for coordinating the procedural updates, collecting reports and materials, tracking documents, reviewing reports, and providing relevant feedback to the departments. Additionally, she assists in the update, design, administration, and reporting of internally-developed university-wide surveys. Prior to IE, Brit worked as an Administrative Assistant in the office of Advancement Services at UofL. Brit is an alumnae of UofL with both a BA and MA in English.

Lily Assgari, PhD, Coordinator of Strategic Planning and Assessment in Student Affairs

  • Lily Assgari, PhD is the Coordinator of Strategic Planning and Assessment in Student Affairs. Lily works with Institutional Effectiveness (IE) to design, administer and analyze Student Affairs related surveys in eXplorance Blue. In addition, she directs assessment efforts in Student Affairs and has been tasked with understanding how students’ utilization of services impact various measures of student success. Lily is an alumnae of UofL where she earned a Masters of Science and Doctorate of Philosophy in Experimental Psychology. She is also an alumnae of James Madison University where she earned a Masters of Arts in Psychological Sciences and a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology.


Sadaf Ahmed, Graduate Assistant

  • Sadaf Ahmed is the Graduate Assistant for the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE). Sadaf assists IE staff during the annual university-wide outcomes assessment process by reviewing reports and providing feedback to departments. She assists with the career outcomes data project and provides other assessment-related support for the office. Sadaf is an is an alumnae of the J.B. Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville where she earned both a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Masters of Science in Computer Science. She is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Louisville.