About OAPA

This page provides general information about the Office of Academic Planning & Accountability (OAPA). Directory information for OAPA staff are also located on this page.


The mission of the Office of Academic Planning & Accountability (OAPA) is to provide a means of understanding the context and climate of our campus, programs, and students; to ensure continuous, systematic assessments and improvements occur within our academic and community activities; and to be accountable to the public, state, and accrediting agencies.

In order to accomplish our mission, the Office of Academic Planning & Accountability:

    • Oversees the preparation of the University Strategic Plan
    • Coordinates and supervises on-going institutional studies, research planning, and institutional effectiveness efforts for administrative decision making and continuous organizational improvements
    • Responds to both external and internal requests for institutional information
    • Makes enrollment projections for undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs
    • Serves as a liaison with the Council of Postsecondary Education (CPE) on planning and institutional research activities, including accountability reporting
    • Provides assistance in the program review process

Staff Directory:

The Office of Academic Planning & Accountability consists of teams that work collaboratively on institutional research, planning, accreditation, and institutional effectiveness. To contact a specific team member, please click on the appropriate name.

Academic Planning and Accountability

Robert S. Goldstein

Vice Provost for Assessment and University Decision Support/Analytics

Assistant Director, Curriculum Management and Academic Compliance

Accreditation and Academic Programs

Director for Accreditation and Academic Programs

Derek Hottell

Assistant Director for Accreditation and Academic Programs


Coordinator for Program Approval and Program Review

Accreditation Specialist

Institutional Research and Planning

Becky S. Patterson

Executive Director, Institutional Research and Planning

Erika C. Ruffin

Associate Director, Institutional Research and Planning

Lisa K. Horn

Associate Director, Operations and Support Services

Assistant Director, Institutional Analytics

Shari K. Barrow

Project and Logistics Coordinator

Katie Bixby

Senior Institutional Research Analyst

Senior Institutional Research Analyst

Linda Hou

Senior Institutional Research Analyst

Institutional Effectiveness

Katie Partin

Director, Institutional Effectiveness

Program Coordinator Senior

Director of Planning & Assessment, Student Affairs