Consortial Agreements

Consortial Agreements

Consortial Agreements – are contracts that allow academic programs to offer courses/programs off-site, bring in students from other institutions (dual/joint degrees), and students to perform clinical work at off-site locations. These agreements can include the Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE), the military, educational institutions and private entities that wish to interact with the university to accomplish a specific agreed upon goal.

The list of consortial agreements provides links to each unit’s website with more information about the program offering and the

    • Portion of the educational program provided by each school
    • Name and location of the school or educational partner
    • Method of delivery of the portion of the program not being offered by the degree or certificate granting school.

As required by the university’s accreditor the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools select agreements must be approved in advance prior to implementation.

 Any cost to students participating in these agreements are communicated to the student by the responsible unit or program or by the university during the registration process.


UofL Consortial Agreements (as of September 2022) (pdf)