Testing Information

There are six unique testing scenarios for first-time freshmen. Each test must be completed PRIOR to orientation. More detailed information about each test type can be found by clicking on the individual test name.

Quantitative Reasoning (Math) Placement

Mathematics placement testing will be required for any student with an ACT Math sub-score below 19 or a SAT Math sub-score of below 520.

Some majors require a higher quantitative reasoning (math) course than what you may automatically place into with your math sub-score.  Therefore, you may choose to take the math placement test in order to place into a higher level quantitative reasoning (math) class than your ACT or SAT score allows.

Reading Placement

Reading placement testing will be required for any student with an ACT Reading sub-score below 20 or an SAT Critical Reading sub-score below 480. 

Foreign Language Placement

If you wish to continue studying a foreign language begun in high school, you must take a placement exam to determine your level of competency.

Biology Placement

For students admitted to a major requiring BIO 240, and who have an ACT science reasoning sub-score below 24.  Students will be contacted via UofL Email to complete testing before Orientation if required.

Engineering Algebra Proficiency Assessment

As part of the Speed School's effort to position freshman engineering students for a successful first year, all entering engineering students complete an Algebra Proficiency Assessment (APA).  Entering engineering students all have strong math abilities; however, because of the kinds of math classes many engineering students take in their junior and senior years in high school, it may have been several years since they worked with intermediate and advanced algebra topics.  Because those algebra topics are are prerequisite skills expected in most engineering classes, Speed School offers two different first semester calculus courses for engineering students, one that includes more opportunities to strengthen important algebra skills before moving to calculus topics.  

The Algebra Proficiency Assessment is delivered using the MyMathLab platform and includes a practice assessment and a study plan, allowing students to identify and review topics before taking the actual proficiency assessment.

CLEP Credit

There are several opportunities to take a CLEP test to substitute college courses. Please refer to the testing website for more information.

Each summer, REACH (Resources for Academic Achievement) provides incoming freshmen the opportunity to improve their math skills and prepare for their fall math courses by participating in a Summer Math Program. Eligibility to participate in these programs is based on ACT, SAT or Readiness Exam test scores or acceptance into the J.B. Speed School of Engineering. Summer Math Programs are offered online or on-site in July.  Learn more!

No placement testing is offered during orientation.  All testing will be required to be completed prior to your orientation session date.