Reading Placement

Initial reading course placement is based on your highest ACT or SAT reading sub-score. In accordance with a state-wide, college-readiness standard in college reading, students with an ACT reading sub-score of 19 and below must take the Reading COMPASS exam.


You can complete your Reading COMPASS exam at the University of Louisville or at any certified testing center near your home.  Please call Testing Services Office at 502-852-6606 to schedule an exam. **Note: If you have completed the Reading COMPASS at your high school you DO NOT need to take the test again. You can verify that we have received your scores by logging into ULink, click on the Student Services tab, then click to View My Undergraduate Application Status. Received scores are listed near the bottom of the screen. If no scores are listed, your school can either fax the results to 502-852-1871 or email them to to be entered on our system.  If we do not receive scores prior to orientation, you may be required to test again.

For more information regarding Reading Placement, click HERE.