Quantitative Reasoning (Math) Placement

Incoming students: use this tool to find the quantitative reasoning (math) courses required for your anticipated academic major, and if (based on your math subscores) you will need to complete math placement testing prior to orientation.

Please note: No matter your anticipated major, if your math subscore is lower than or equal to an 18, you will not automatically place into any required math course, and you will be required to take the ACCUPLACER Math Placement Test prior to orientation. If you're unsure of your Math ACT or SAT subscore, or would like to see what the University of Louisville has on file, please visit New Cards Gateway.

For students exploring majors: use this tool to review the math placement for the majors you are considering. Your advisor is here to help. Please contact A&S Advising at 502.852.5502 or email asadvise@louisville.edu.

If you have questions regarding placement exams, please contact Testing Services at 502.852.6606 or testsrvs@louisville.edu

If you have questions regarding AP/IB test credits, CLEP exams, dual credit or transfer credits, please contact Transfer Services at 502.852.0166 or transfer@louisville.edu.