Math Placement

Mathematics course placement is based on your highest ACT or SAT mathematics sub-score. If you scored a 19 ACT or above in math, you are guaranteed placement in a credit-bearing course. However, you may choose to take the UofL Math Challenge in order to place into a higher level math class than your ACT score allows.  Students with an ACT math sub score of LESS THAN 19 or a SAT math sub score of less than 460 are required to take the Math COMPASS test for placement.


Follow these 3 easy steps to determine which, if any, math placement test you need to complete PRIOR to your Orientation session:

1. Click HERE to find the math courses required for your anticipated academic major.

2. Click HERE to see which math you are automatically placed into based on your ACT/SAT Math sub-scores.

3. Once you have determined which math placement test you need:

  • Math COMPASS - you can complete your Math COMPASS exam at the University of Louisville or at any certified testing center near your home.  Please call Testing Services Office at 502-852-6606 to schedule an exam. **Note: If you have completed the Math COMPASS or KYOTE test at your high school you DO NOT need to take the test again.  If you have already taken either the COMPASS or KYOTE exam through a Kentucky high school, you can verify that we have received your scores by logging into ULink, click on the Student Services tab, then click to View My Undergraduate Application Status. Received scores are listed near the bottom of the screen. If no scores are listed, your school can either fax the results to 502-852-1871 or email them to to be entered on our system.  If we do not receive scores prior to orientation, you may be required to test again.
  • UofL Math Challenge - this test must be completed by appointment only at the University of Louisville testing center. There will be an opportunity to complete this exam at 7 a.m. on the second day of your orientation session.  However, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment to complete it beforehand. Please contact Testing Services at 502-852-6606 to schedule an exam.


Calculators will NOT be provided by Testing Services.


Students with an ACT Math sub-score of 25-26 (SAT I of 580-600), who need Math 205 may take the COMPASS Calculus Readiness Test; they also may take the prerequisite; Math 190, or the CLEP Precalculus Exam .


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