Math Placement

Mathematics course placement is based on your highest ACT or SAT mathematics sub-score. If you scored a 19 ACT or above in math, you are guaranteed placement in a credit-bearing course. Students with an ACT math sub score of LESS THAN 19 or a SAT math sub score of less than 460 are required to complete testing and/or placement requirements. View requirements here.


• If you scored an ACT sub-score of 0 – 18 (SAT 200 – 450), you MUST take the COMPASS exam. This exam will place you in an math course based on your math competence. We have COMPASS results for students that took the test at a Kentucky public high school. Placement may  include  MAT 55 and 65, non- college credit courses,  GEN 104, the university’s intervention course for mathematics, and entry-level mathematics courses according to your major.

• If you scored an ACT sub-score of 19 - 24 (SAT 460 - 560), but less than the score required for your desired math class, you SHOULD take the UofL Math Challenge Placement Exam (excluding engineering majors).

Students taking a Math Compass placement exam (ACT Math subscore of 18 and below or 25-26) at the University of Louisville will NOT be allowed to bring their own calculator but may use ONLY the online calculator offered in the Compass software.

Students taking the UofL Math Challenge placement test (ACT Math subscore between 19-24) MAY use a non-programmable calculator, although it is not required.  Calculators will NOT be provided by Testing Services.

Math placement & criteria testing