Math Placement

Mathematics course placement is based on your highest ACT or SAT mathematics sub-score. If you scored a 19 ACT or above in math, you are guaranteed placement in a credit-bearing course; however, you may choose to take the math placement test in order to place into a higher level math class that may be required for your major than your ACT score allows.  Students with an ACT math sub score of LESS THAN 19 or a SAT math sub score of less than 520 are required to take the math placement test through Accuplacer.

Follow these 4 easy steps to determine if you need to complete math placement testing PRIOR to your Orientation session:

1. If you need to see what ACT/SAT scores UofL currently has on file for you, click HERE to login to ULink and view your scores.  After logging in, go to the "Student Services" tab, and then click "View My Undergraduate Application Status" in the first section on the left side of the page.

2. Click HEREto find the math courses required for your anticipated academic major.

3. Click HERE to see which math you are automatically placed into based on your ACT/SAT Math sub-scores.

4. If you need to take the math placement test, click HERE  to get registration details.

Please note:

  • There are several options for completing math and reading placement testing, including virtual testing, UofL Campus testing, and remote location testing.
  • All placement testing must be completed a minimum of 48 hours before attending Orientation.  Registration does not allow immediate access to the test, so please allow additional time for processing.  No placement tests will be administered during Orientation.
  • If you need to take BOTH the math and reading placement test, you should register for them at the same time to avoid additional fees.


Any questions regarding placement exams should be directed to Testing Services.