Virtual Freshman Orientation - Summer/Fall

Virtual Freshman Orientation

With the health and safety of our newest Cardinals as a top priority, New Cards Orientation 2021 will be a Virtual Orientation Program. While many things in the world around us are changing and uncertain, our commitment remains the same - supporting our students and families in their transition to the Cardinal Family while providing the best possible orientation experience.

Becoming a Cardinal is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

You can also view the First-time Freshman Guide for a complete list of your next steps.

1) Pay for and Complete Your Virtual Orientation Module

You must submit your orientation fee before you will gain access to the module.

To gain access to your Virtual Orientation Module:

  • Log in to your New Cards Gateway
  • Pay the $25 Orientation Fee (in the Payments Section)
To access and complete your Virtual Orientation Module after payment:
  • Use Google Chrome as your browser.
  • Log in to your New Cards Gateway
  • Click on "Summer 2021 Virtual Orientation Module' link in the New Cards Gateway checklist section. (This will be added to your Gateway within one business day of submitting orientation fee payment.)
  • On the Microsoft Sign In Screen, enter your UofL email address in the format. Click Next.
  • On the Enter Password Screen, enter your ULink password. Click Next.
  • If you were NOT able to log in, you likely entered your email address incorrectly, or your university accounts were not activated. Activation Instructions.

You can complete your Virtual Orientation module at your own pace - you will not be required to login on a specific date/time, however, you should expect the entire module to take 1-2 hours to complete. You will be able to start and stop as you need to, but will be required to complete all sections of the module in order to successfully complete your orientation requirement. The module will consist of multiple sections that present you information in a variety of ways to maximize engagement and learning, including videos, voiceovers, and presentation.


2) Schedule an Appointment with Your Academic Advisor

  • After you complete your virtual orientation module, within 3 business days you will receive an email with instructions on registering for an academic advising appointment via CardSmart. 

  • You MUST use that email link to schedule your freshman advising appointment.  The email will often go to your OTHER inbox in your UofL email account.

  • Academic Advising Intake Form: You will need to complete an Academic Advising Intake Form prior to your advising appointment. This form will be accessible in your New Cards Gateway. Careful completion of this form will help your advisor provide you with individualized guidance based on your plans, interests, and possible areas of needed support.

3) Enroll in Classes

After you have completed academic advising and orientation, you will be ready to enroll in classes.  Please note that you will be required to complete pre-registration questions before gaining access to enrollment. These questions can be found in the “Tasks” tile in ULink.  


Additional Information

Activating University Accounts:  You will need to activate your University accounts in order to login to your Online Orientation Module and enroll in classes.  If you have not yet activated your accounts, click here for activation instructions.  If you have already activated, but do not remember your login information or password and need assistance in resetting, click here for information from the UofL IT Help Desk.

Major Change Requests: It is important to be in the correct major before registering for and/or attending orientation and academic advising.  Complete the Major Change Request Form (login required with your New Cards Gateway credentials) if you would like to request an update to your current major.  You can view your currently admitted major in your New Cards Gateway at any time.

Contact Us


Questions?  The Orientation Programs office is here to help!  Email us () or call (502.852.7276).  We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Cardinal Family!