Student organization empowers students' creative expression

The Medical Humanities and Social Justice in Healthcare student organization has recently reestablished itself after a period of inactivity. Its mission remains focused on bringing light to social justice issues in healthcare through the perspective of the medical humanities and provides the opportunity for medical students to reflect on the intersection of societal factors and health. One way the organization reflects is through Systole, a journal comprised of works from various students attending the School of Medicine.

Systole is an opportunity to celebrate the creativity of our peers and shine a light on their unique talents,” said Fariha Rashid, co-president of the organization. “It gives students a chance to express their feelings through creativity and share it with the ULSOM community; it brought great comfort and affirmation in the sacrifices and endurances this line of work often requires of us to better the lives of others.”

Students have contributed works in various mediums, including painting, audio, photography, sculpting, and more. “There are limited opportunities for medical students to publish creative work, so we wanted to ensure an accessible way for students to do so. Our student body is diversely talented, and we wanted to showcase all the different ways students express their talent,” said Rashid.

The group is led by faculty advisor, Susan Sawning, associate professor, undergraduate medical education. “I am so very proud of them,” said Sawning, “Our students care so much about things that are important to the world and our community. More people need to hear about our special students here at the School of Medicine.”

The ULSOM community can support the organization by viewing Systole on the School of Medicine website and sharing it with others. The co-presidents also hope that students will continue their enthusiasm for Systole by submitting their work for future editions. Through their efforts, Medical Humanities and Social Justice in Healthcare and Systole are promoting creativity and social justice in the ULSOM community.