School of Medicine welcomes new class of Residents and Fellows

The University of Louisville School of Medicine welcomes its newest class of residents and fellows to the Cardinal community. This year’s incoming class of 245 individuals is a testament to our continued efforts to a diverse and inclusive learning environment. Among them, 47% are female and 53% male, highlighting the importance of gender balance in our community. Additionally, 20% Asian, 4% Hispanic/Latino, 2% are African American, 0.5% American Indian/Alaska Native, and 5% Multiracial/Not specified individuals.

Murali Ankem, MD, vice dean of Graduate Medical Education, expressed his excitement about the incoming resident class, stating, “I am inspired by the diversity of our resident class this year. It reflects the university’s commitment to cultivating an inclusive learning environment where all learners feel valued and supported in pursuit of medical excellence. As we embrace different perspectives and backgrounds, we strengthen our ability to address the unique healthcare needs of our diverse Louisville community’s patient population.”

The University of Louisville School of Medicine is dedicated to providing a transformative educational experience for its residents, fellows and other learners. As they embark on this new chapter of their medical journey, they will discover that our institution offers an exceptional range of resources, programs, and opportunities designed to support and foster the needs of an incoming resident. Faculty members are passionate about nurturing the growth of future physicians and employ innovative teaching methods in pursuit of excellence. The hands-on experiences provided enable residents to be compassionate, competent, and well-rounded medical professionals.

“Congratulations and welcome to the School of Medicine,” said Ankem, “We’ve been eagerly awaiting your arrival and look forward to witnessing your growth and success as you embark on this incredible journey.”

New residents officially begin rotations on July 1 in various healthcare settings.