Match Day 2017!

Match Day 2017!

Match Day 2016

Fourth-year students in the UofL School of Medicine learned where they will embark on residency training during the Match Day celebration, Friday, March 17 at noon. Each student received an envelope informing the soon-to-be doctors where they will live, what medical specialty they will pursue, and who will join them for the next three to seven years of their training. Fourth-year students at medical schools across the nation all learn their residency destinations at noon EDT on Match Day.

UofL students celebrated Match Day at Mellwood Arts Center beginning at 11 a.m.

The National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) provides a uniform process for matching medical school applicants with residency programs based on the preferences of both. The students interview with officials at residency programs in the fall of their final year of medical school. Students then submit their preferences to the NRMP, and residency programs submit their preferences for applicants. A matching algorithm uses those preferences to match individuals into positions, and students throughout the United States receive their match notices precisely at noon on the third Friday of March – Match Day.

Watch a video of the 2016 event.