LOUMED announces ambassador program for downtown medical and education district

LOUMED announces ambassador program for downtown medical and education district

Representatives of LOUMED partners UofL Health Sciences Center, UofL Health, Norton Healthcare and JCTC, along with Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg announced new ambassador program

The Louisville Medical & Education District, also known as LOUMED, has announced its new ambassador program in partnership with Block by Block. Block by Block is the nation’s leading provider of safety, cleaning and hospitality services for districts across the U.S. LOUMED includes the University of Louisville Health Sciences Center and downtown facilities of UofL Health, as well as Jefferson Community and Technical College and Norton Healthcare.

The ambassador program will provide concierge, cleaning and safety services to this vital downtown district.

“We are looking forward to having our LOUMED Ambassadors be additional positive representation for the employees, patients and students that call LOUMED home,” said Nadareca Thibeaux, executive director LOUMED. “It’s important for visitors and locals alike to experience a friendly, clean and safe downtown, and we expect this program to amplify those efforts.”

The LOUMED ambassadors play an important role in improving the experience of the public spaces within the district for visitors, employees, students and patients. The LOUMED ambassadors will be responsible for the following:

  • Visible Presence – Ambassadors will circulate throughout the district daily to create a highly visible, accessible, outgoing and inviting presence, with an attitude of friendly professionalism, superior customer service and hospitality. Ambassadors will be on foot and will be deployed in a manner that ensures resources are placed strategically to address critical issues or needs at key times of day, days of the week and as needed. All ambassadors are trained in ‘situational protocol’ to handle situations appropriately and courteously.
  • Reduced Impact of Quality-of-Life Issues & Safety Risk Aversion – Ambassadors will discourage aggressive solicitation and other prohibited behaviors, report crimes to the proper authority and provide information and support as it relates to improper behavior in the district. Ambassadors will build respect-based relationships with all persons to educate on ordinance violations, discourage problematic behavior and serve to connect individuals to available resources and assistance.
  • Hospitality and Wayfinding – Ambassadors will actively greet pedestrians and provide general assistance, wayfinding/directions, information on historic sites, shops, restaurants, public transportation, other places of interest and general information that may be helpful and welcoming. They will provide help and support to the public to address a wide range of situations and needs, such as assistance with the use of parking meter stations, repairing a flat tire, opening a door, escorting employees to parking garages and by offsetting any potentially negative experience with a positive interaction.
  • Property/Business Owner Networking & Cross Communication – Ambassadors will interact directly with property and business owners, managers and security personnel to build a network, provide and receive information relevant to LOUMED safety and hospitality and to raise public awareness of the program.

For more information about the LOUMED District, visit www.louisvillemedicaleducationdistrict.com