In the pursuit of medicine

In the pursuit of medicine

Jordan Swindle, class of 2023

Congratulations to Jordan Swindle on his graduation from the University of Louisville School of Medicine! It's inspiring to see how his passion for science and the human body has led him to pursue a career in medicine, despite taking an unconventional path. Swindle's dedication and hard work have paid off, and we are proud of all that he has accomplished.

Swindle’s pursuit of medicine began when he fell in love with the science of the human body in undergraduate education at the University of Kentucky. However, his path to medicine did not begin there. After graduation, Swindle spent a brief period training in the NFL and CFL and later had a short career selling life insurance. After realizing his true calling for helping people, he returned to school to finish three semesters of pre-med requirements.

“I knew I wanted to return to medicine,” said Swindle. “My peak athletic ability was limited to a certain number of years. Turning to medicine where I could use my knowledge and skills was a more secure career choice for myself. In my opinion, there’s no better career combining the ability to help people with the science of the human body than becoming a physician.” 

For Swindle, there were similarities in playing a professional sport and pursuing a medical degree. Both required hard work, dedication, teamwork, and the ability to be coached. 

Swindle said the cadaver lab was his one of his favorite classroom activities during medical school. “I am so thankful for the cadavers’ gift to the School of Medicine because it allowed us to get a better understanding of the human body and the way the various parts relate to each other as a whole.”

The advice Swindle gives to non-traditional students pursuing medicine is that it is never too late to begin your career in medicine. “In my personal experience, it has given me a leg-up in certain situations,” said Swindle. “It is not a negative thing to be a non-traditional medical student, but it is more of an advantage.”

Swindle spends his free time with his wife and son, John, who was born during his third year of medical school. They enjoy being outdoors and watching great movies together. “Spending time with family and friends is a great way to destress after a long day of classes and clinical,” says Swindle.

After graduation, Swindle will continue pursuing his path to medicine as a resident in orthopedic surgery at the University of Chicago Medical Center. His dedication to science and medicine will aid him in a long, fulfilling career as a physician.