Associate dean for research releases book on risks of arsenic exposure

Associate dean for research releases book on risks of arsenic exposure

J. Christopher States, Ph.D.

University of Louisville School of Medicine’s associate dean for research has edited a new reference book covering the most current information on the health and environmental risks of arsenic exposure. J. Christopher States, Ph.D., vice chair for graduate education in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at UofL, is the editor of “Arsenic:  Exposure Sources, Health Risks, and Mechanisms of Toxicity,” scheduled for release November 2.

Arsenic exposure has been linked to increased risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as several types of cancer, abnormal fetal development and even death from other chronic diseases in humans. Arsenic occurs naturally but also is used in the production of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, leading to exposure through arsenic-containing drinking water and in some foods, particularly seafood and rice.

Recent research, covered in the book, has produced more details about how arsenic affects the body and what levels of exposure are harmful. Scientists also are studying how an individual’s genetic makeup and exposure to other toxins or diseases can increase damage from arsenic exposure.

“The issue of how to capitalize on these ideas and how to integrate research findings into models of human pathology is a very exciting topic that requires an updated book on arsenic as a toxicant,” States said.

The book uses novel modeling techniques, population studies, experimental data and future perspectives to help readers understand the potential health risks and how research can improve and contribute to characterization and risk assessment of arsenic exposure. It was written to serve as a resource for toxicologists, risk assessors, epidemiologists, environmental chemists, medical scientists and other professionals and researchers in government, academia and industry.

Arsenic:  Exposure Sources, Health Risks, and Mechanisms of Toxicity” is published by Wiley and will be released on November 2, 2015. It is currently available for preorder.


October 27, 2015