Policy for Student Outside Work


The policies outlined herein are applicable to all doctoral students, unless disallowed by the outside funding agency.   The financial support (teaching assistantships, research assistantships, fellowships, or research grants) for our students is intended to allow students to engage full-time in their scholarly activity to fulfill the requirements for the PhD degree, as outlined within the departments.   This policy is in response to NIH’s mission to diversify the training for pre-doctoral students and recognition of the Dual Role of Students and allows greater flexibility in training paths.   

 U of L SOM Graduate Council recognizes the potential for students to pursue activities, both paid and unpaid, which enhance their training outside the predefined requirements of the programs.  Therefore, these guidelines are provided to insure the standards and expectations for the program requirements are maintained. 

 1.   University of Louisville pre-doctoral students awarded stipends, tuition, and health insurance are expected to engage in full-time scholarly activity within the department. 

 2.   University of Louisville pre-doctoral students supported by fellowships or research grants with benefits of tuition remission and health insurance are expected to commit full-time to their research projects as a major emphasis of their training.  However, the SOM Graduate Council recognizes additional training opportunities may be available that broadens the students training to enhance career goals. The requirements to pursue outside work, paid or unpaid, are:

      a. written consent from the PI. A description of the training opportunity should be generated and approved by signature of the student, mentor/PI, and the third party who is providing the opportunity.  A signed copy should then be sent to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (tdmony01@exchange.louisville.edu)

       b. confirmation that the activity does not violate regulations of the funding agency supporting the student.

       c. maintain good standing within the program.  This is best demonstrated by evaluation of research progress through annual or biannual committee meetings.

      d. outside work should not exceed twelve (12) hours per week. Students wishing to exceed this limit must obtain permission from the Associate Dean of the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.  The SOM Graduate Council recommends that students minimize time spent on paid activities unattached to their supported appointments.


*For non-Federal entities that educate and engage students in research, the dual role of students as both trainees and employees contributing to the completion of Federal awards for research must be recognized in the application of these principles.”  From NOT-OD-15-008 released 10-10-14 Dual Role of Students and Post-Doctoral Staff

**Please see the IPIBS Student Handbook for the entire Policy**