Appointment Letter Template

Initial Letter of Appointment Outline:

  1. Offer of postdoctoral position, with title of agreed research project and mentor’s name.
  2. Effective date of appointment, amount of stipend, source and expiration date of funding.
  3. Details of the duration of appointment.
  4. Statement of eligibility for Institutional insurance and other benefits.
  5. (International Candidates only) Notification of visa and employment documentation requirements.
  6. Additional information, such as whether the appointment is renewable and the conditions for renewal, may be included.
  7. The Postdoctoral Scholar is required to accept the appointment.


To standardize offer letters and ensure that incoming postdoctoral scholars receive basic information about their appointment, the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies has developed a letter of offer template for Postdoctoral Researchers. Please use the template, customizing the italicized words, to create offer letters for new Postdoctoral Appointees.

It is strongly recommended that academic records of international applicants for Postdoctoral Researchers be verified by an independent agency.  The University of Louisville recommends Educational Credentials Evaluators, Inc. (ECE) or World Education Services, Inc. (WES).