Giving Priorities

We invite you to join our generous alumni and friends by making a gift to the School of Medicine Alumni Fund—which gives the medical school the most flexibility—or to a designated fund within the school.

Fund for UofL for the School of Medicine

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Each year hundreds of School of Medicine graduates and supporters give to the Fund for UofL for the School of Medicine. This fund is used where the need is greatest—scholarships, laboratory upgrades, medical equipment, special lectures, research opportunities for faculty and staff and more. Annual support of the Fund for UofL for the School of Medicine ensures the school has a predictable source of funds for the school's highest priorities.

Anatomy laboratory

Medical students first encounter the magnificence of the human body in their first-year anatomy course, where they most profoundly encounter the concepts of professionalism, the patient, personal sacrifice and their own mortality. For many, the anatomy laboratory is a transformative educational experience. To provide medical students with the very best training, today's anatomy classrooms must provide correlative CT scans, MRI scans, plain x-rays, ultrasounds and three-dimensional imaging. Gifts to the anatomy laboratory ensure we can provide students with the very best learning tools.

Bioethics and medical humanities

In fall 2007 the School of Medicine launched an interdisciplinary program: the masters degree in bioethics and medical humanities.By teaching young physicians the history of medicine, the medical narrative in literature, bioethics, medicine and art, and spirituality in medicine, the school will train physicians who appreciate the importance of the humanistic touch in a world of highly technological medicine. Students interested in philosophy, spirituality and chaplaincy can learn about unique aspects of the healthcare environment. Gifts will help ensure this program's success by funding scholarships, conference expenses, research, lectures and the purchase of library materials.

Kornhauser Health Sciences Library

Kornhauser Library, founded in 1837, has more than 250,000 cataloged volumes in print and thousands of journal subscriptions and represents a significant resource for School of Medicine students and faculty and the surrounding medical community. The information age is challenging libraries to integrate new digital technologies with traditional collections. Because of limited resources, this is one of the biggest challenges facing libraries today. Gifts to Kornhauser are used to purchase books and electronic resources, ensuring students and medical professionals have the resources they need for research.

Alumni Center for Medical Education

The Alumni Center for Medical Education offers a unique resource for students and residents pursuing career in health care—providing hands-on, risk-free and realistic clinical training and assessments using the latest teaching tools, including:

  • The Dr. John M. and Dorothy S. Paris Simulation Center, which is one of the largest and busiest medical simulation centers in the world. Students and residents “diagnose” and “treat” seven human patient simulators—computer-driven mannequins programmed to mimic a variety of illnesses and “respond” to the student's interventions.
  • Standardized patients, who are actors trained to portray patients with a wide variety of symptoms and illnesses. The actors help teach students to perform a complete head-to-toe physical examination, take a medical history and effectively communicate with a varied and diverse population.

Medical scholarships

The average medical student graduates with more than $110,000 in student debt—an amount that can take decades to pay off and can adversely affect a young graduates' career choices. Currently, the School of Medicine can provide scholarships to just 16 percent of all students—a percentage we wish to increase. By designating your gift to School of Medicine scholarships, you help alleviate our students' debt burden and help the School of Medicine attract top medical students.

Department of your choice

You may designate your gift to your favorite School of Medicine department. Each department has a gift account that the chair uses where the need is greatest, such as instructional support, research opportunities, conferences, guest lectureships, laboratory upgrades and other funding needs specific to the department.


An endowed gift lasts forever because the original principal remains intact and earns investment income in perpetuity. A new endowment can be created with a minimum of $25,000 and can be named by the donor for themselves, a loved one or mentor. Contributions to endowment funds are professionally invested by the UofL Foundation with assistance from one of the nation's best financial consulting firms. Our spending policy provides for an annual distribution of 5.5 percent of each endowment's three-year average market value, ensuring the endowment will continue forever.