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for the Status of Annual Work Plan/Annual Performance Review in Interfolio RPT and monthly reports:

The four possible Interfolio RPT case statuses used with AWP submissions and their descriptions listed below:

  • Received, Pending Entry (It’s been received, but not reviewed, nor entered into the database.)
  • Returned for Revisions (It’s been returned to the Department due to an issue that was found.)
  • Entered, Pending Closure (It’s been reviewed and is pending closure.)
  • Closed 2022 (It’s been reviewed, entered into our database, and its case has been closed out.)

Be aware that AWP/APRs that are returned to the department marked Returned for Revision, will negatively impact the Total Completed column on the AWP/APR Report when it’s generated.  For example, when an AWP is received by Faculty Affairs, they are marked Received, Pending Entry.  That AWP will then increase the number in the Total Completed column.  An AWP that is Returned for Revision will decrease the number in the Total Completed in the Annual Workplan Report.  Thus, your Total Completed, which also impacts the Percent Completed, could fluctuate as the AWPs are reviewed by Faculty Affairs, and then marked Return for Revisions, Entered, Pending Closure, or Closed 2022.  Do not change the status that’s been marked.  That is for our Faculty Affairs office only. 

Our office has put together step by step directions on how your department can identify which documents have been returned for revisions. The directions provide an example relating to Annual Work Plans, but they can also be used for APRs by choosing the Annual Performance Review Submission in the template column.


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**How to Determine the Status of your Annual Work Plan/Annual Performance Review**