Distinction in Urban Primary Care

The Distinction in Urban Primary Care is a new track beginning in 2024. Applications from M1s will be accepted in January/February 2024, and students selected in March 2024.


The Urban Primary Care Distinction Track aims to produce competent, compassionate primary care physicians equipped with the skills to serve urban populations, particularly in underserved areas. The curriculum focuses on practical experience, community engagement, and an in-depth understanding of urban health dynamics.


  • Introduce students to the core principles of primary care medicine with a focus on family medicine, general internal medicine, and pediatrics through varied learning modules, journal clubs, and critical reflection sessions.
  • Enhancing students’ understanding of the challenges in accessing primary care in underserved and marginalized populations.
  • Promoting knowledge about regional and local health disparities and the role of physicians in healthcare for underserved populations.
  • Providing opportunities for students to participate in longitudinal clinical experiences in primary care settings, including free clinics and health fairs.
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration between the School of Medicine, other university entities, and community organizations to support public health initiatives.
  • Supporting the development and implementation of a mentored capstone project addressing a primary care need, leading to the award of a Distinction in Urban Primary Care certificate upon track completion.

Student Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of and competency in urban primary care through academic coursework and clinical rotations.
  • Exhibit the ability to lead and innovate in urban health initiatives and community-based projects.
  • Have developed a substantial capstone project that contributes to the improvement of urban primary care services.

Eligibility, Application Process, and Selection

Application Process

Applicants must submit an application and a written response detailing the student’s interest in primary care and their vision for serving in an urban setting. DIUPC leadership will evaluate the applicants and determine acceptance by early spring. Please see this page for details on the application process. [ADD LINK]

Criteria for Selection

DIUPC is looking for students with:

  • A clear interest and commitment to urban primary care, evidenced by previous experience or stated professional goals.
  • A willingness to engage with the curriculum's comprehensive requirements, including mentorship, community engagement, and project development.
  • An aspiration to pursue a residency in a primary care field with a focus on urban health.

Selection of Students

Acceptance is based on the student’s career goals, interest and engagement in primary care, and how DIUPC may benefit the student.





Faculty & Mentors