UofL Physicians Adult Urology is always accepting new patients. For an overview of our areas of specialization, please see our directory.
If you have a patient you would like to refer to our office, please contact us at 502-588-4740. It is preferred that the referring physician's office initiate contact so we may determine if testing will be required prior to the patient's appointment. 
Once the appointment has been confirmed, please fax an records pertaining to the patient's current condition to our office at 502-588-9537.  When calling to make the referral, please be prepared to provide the following patient information:
  • Type of insurance (If Tricare, Passport, or HMO, a referral is required prior to appointment)
  • Demographics (Name, address, phone, social security, insurance ID and group numbers, contact information)
  • Symptoms and/or prior diagnosis
  • Medical records pertaining to current condition, imaging on disc (excluding those performed at UofL or Norton facilities)
  • When the patient arrives for their appointment, they will be required to provide the following:
  • Picture ID and current insurance cards
  • List of current medications and known allergies
  • X-rays on CD/DVD, lab work, pathology and/or radiology reports (if requested)