Chin Ng, Ph.D.


Department of Radiology

University of Louisville Hospital, 530 S. Jackson St. 502-852-5875


  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI
  • M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI
  • B.S.,  Purdue University, Fort Wayne, IN

Postgraduate Training

  • University of California-Los Angeles, CA, Nuclear Medicine and Biophysics, 1989-1991

Specialty Interests:

  • Medical Physics, Preclinical Imaging, Molecular Imaging

Research Interests:

  • Validating and characterizing novel imaging probes for multimodality imaging (MRI, PET, SPECT, CT and Optical)
  • Exploring approaches for early detection and monitoring of treatment efficacy of multiple diseases such as infectious diseases, cancer, spinal cord injury, brain diseases, diabetes and heart diseases.
  • Developing thermal laser ablation devices for treating spinal metastases in a MRI environment.

Selected Publications:

  • Li J, Bates PJ, Trent JO, Ng CK. Labeling G-rich oligonucleotides (GROs) with N-succinimidyl 4-[18- F]fluorobenzoate (S18FB).  J Label Compd Radiopharm 2006; 49:1213-1221.
  • Li J, Trent JO, Bates PJ, Ng CK. Factors affecting the labeling yield of F-18-labeled AS1411. J Label Compd Radiopharm 2007; 50(14):1255-1259.
  • Li Y, Woodall C, Wo JM, Zheng H, Ng CK, Ray MB, Martin RC. The use of dynamic positron emission tomography imaging for evaluating the carcinogenic progression of intestinal metaplasia to esophageal adenocarcinoma. Cancer Investigation.  2008; 26:278-285.
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  • Wang Yi-Xiang J, Ng CK. The impact of quantitative imaging in medicine and surgery: Charting our course for the future.  Quant Imaging Med Surg 2011: 1(1): 1-3.
  • Li J, Gray BD, Pak KY, Ng CK. Radiolabeling and optimizing of zinc(II) dipicolylamine (DPA) with three 18F- prosthetic groups (18F-NFP, 18F-SFB and 18F-FET) as potential imaging agent for metastatic infectious disease. Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals, March 14, 2012.
  • Huang T, Civelek AC, Li J, Jiang H, Ng CK, Postel GC, Shen B, Li XF. Tumor microenvironment-dependent 18F- FDG, 18F-fluorothymidine, and 18F-misonidazole uptake: A pilot study in mouse models of human non-small cell lung cancer. J Nucl Med 53(8):1262-1268, 2012.
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  • LeBlanc AJ, Nguygen QT, Touroo JS, Aird AL, Chang RC, Ng CK, Hoying JB, Williams SK. Adipose-derived cell construct stabilizes heart function and increases microvascular perfusion in an established infarct. Stem Cells Translational Medicine. 2(11):896-905, 2013.
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