MS Program During Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaped and redefined reality across the globe, spurring change in every direction. While many of these changes have brought hardship, some of these changes have opened new opportunities, especially in the field of education.

Social distancing measures have necessitated that most universities and colleges offer their classes online for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year.  The University of Louisville has also required that all summer classes be offered online. Although we anticipate that there might be an opportunity for face-to-face lectures and meetings during the Fall semester, our Department of Physiology has made the decision to move our Master of Science Graduate Program to an online format. We will offer required courses and a number of elective courses online (videoconferencing, online testing, mentoring and counseling, etc.) to allow students to complete the required number of credits for the M.S. degree.

Our Department had been preparing for a distance learning format for our M.S. well before the COVID-19 Pandemic. The current crisis has opened the door for this new opportunity for students across the country to become Cardinals and take part in the excellence offered by our master's program without the need to travel. The online presentation of the program does not preclude you from physically coming to the University of Louisville; especially if you desire electives that might not be offered online and the University has reopened for face-to-face classes.  We are excited to help you strengthen your foundational understanding of the basic sciences focused in the Health Sciences with our online M.S. Graduate Program in Physiology at The University of Louisville!