The Anatomic Pathology Division provides a broad range of services offered by the Department of Pathology. The services range from surgical pathology to molecular pathology, and use the most current techniques to analyze solid tissue and blood specimens.

Laboratory Medicine


As a clinical department in the University of Louisville Medical Center, the Laboratory Medicine Division serves as a resource for clinical laboratory services required for patient care and for educational programs in clinical laboratory science. In addition to supporting the service and educational mandates, the department's faculty are engaged in wide variety of research from basic science to the development of new clinical diagnostic tools.

Forensic Pathology

The aim of the division of forensic pathology is to promote high standards in medicolegal death investigation, as well as providing, through an ACGME-accredited fellowship, a career path for trainee doctors and scientists in securing the future development of forensic medicine.


Our research goals are to extend knowledge of disease, especially at the molecular level, and to gain a better understanding of the basis of disease that will lead to improved diagnoses, treatments and prevention.