Sarah E. Danehower, MD

Neurosurgery Resident

Department of Neurological Surgery

220 Abraham Flexner Way, Suite 1500

Sarah E. Danehower, M.D. joined the University of Louisville Department of Neurological Surgery Residency Program upon completion of her medical degree from Drexel University. While at Drexel, Dr. Danehower spent time each week as a mentor for children in the custody of Child Protective Services. Additionally, she served as the head of the child advocacy program at Eliza Shirley, a long-term residential facility for homeless families. During her time in medical school, Dr. Danehower investigated the dysfunction of Stimulator of Interferon Genes (STING) cellular pathway in GBM as a contributing factor in tumor development through research at Duke University. There, she identified potential immunotherapies that activate the STING pathway and  thus may improve patient outcomes.

As an undergraduate at the University of California, Dr. Danehower completed research investigating the role of non-coding RNAs and maternal immune system dysfunction in the development of Autism spectrum disorder as well as determined the impact of aging on lanugage processing utilizing fMRI. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and then continued her education at North Carolina State University completing a Master's of Biochemistry.

Dr. Danehower's interests include utilizing the microbiome-gut-brain axis to decrease neuroinflammation and BBB dysfunction post-surgery to improve patient outcomes and recovery. She published a review of this in January 2021 investigating this relationship. Her hobbies are baking, traveling, running in the park, classical literature, and petting any and every dog she meets.