Nicholas Dietz, M.D.

Neurosurgery Resident

Department of Neurological Surgery

220 Abraham Flexner Way, Suite 1500

Dr. Nicholas Dietz received his undergraduate degree from University of California, Los Angeles and his medical degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine. He completed a research fellowship on the topics of spinal cord injury and spine surgery outcomes with the Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center and was awarded best basic science abstract in neurotrauma at the 2019 Congress of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting for his work on inflammatory response and gut dysbiosis after spinal cord injury. He has worked with Director of Spine Surgery, Dr. Maxwell Boakye on preparation of multiple National Institutes of Health grants related to the study of spinal cord injury, analyzed high resolution MRIs using Cine Flow to conduct large vessel and cerebrospinal fluid analysis post-injury in patients successfully treated with epidural stimulator implant, and investigated the role of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein (rhBMP-2) in fusion, infection, and degenerative scoliosis. He has also worked with Chairman, Dr. Joseph Neimat in evaluating inhibitory control mechanisms associated with targets for deep brain stimulation in patients with Parkinson's Disease. His interest in translation medicine fueled continued efforts in pharmacogenetic dosing algorithm assessments of warfarin with the Harvard TIMI Cardiology Group with recent publication in the International Journal of Cardiology.

Dr. Dietz has delivered two oral presentations at national meetings on spine surgery at the 2019 Global Spine Congress Conference and 2020 Society of Lateral Access Surgery Meeting. He plans to continue pursuing interests in spine surgery, spinal cord injury, and functional neurosurgery with hopes to contribute to advancements in translational medicine and clinical innovation. 

Dr. Dietz's publications can be found on Google Scholar.