Joshua Heath, M.D.

Clinical Faculty

Department of Neurological Surgery, Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

220 Abraham Flexner Way 502-588-2160

Dr. Josh Heath completed his Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency at the University of Louisville in 2021. He graduated with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from UofL’s School of Medicine in 2017 after earning his bachelor's degree in biology from the same university in 2013. After spending a year as an Internal Medicine Preliminary Resident, Dr. Heath joined UofL's Department of Neurosurgery as a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) resident. Since earning his MD, Dr. Heath has spent time volunteering with the medical school as an educator for the Residents as Teachers program and as a leader for practice team-based learning cases. He has also volunteered his time with the Louisville National Veterans Wheelchair Games, the National Wheelchair Basketball Championship, and MedFest; a program that provides physical exams for grade school to high school athletes with intellectual disabilities.

Since joining the PM&R program at the University of Louisville, Dr. Heath has developed an interest in advocacy and policy leading him to join UofL's House-staff Council, the UofL Residents/Medical Students Advocacy group, Greater Louisville Medical Society, and Kentucky Medical Association. Dr. Heath's recent QI project addresses resident wellness and how to reduce burnout. Dr. Heath's current research interests focus on decreasing unplanned discharges by using admission FIM/IMPACT scores and supporting programs that provide service to those that are struggling to maintain a job due to an illness or injury. Additionally, Dr. Heath has developed an interest in trying to draw associations in pediatric patients with Functional Movement Disorder as well as research around the inpatient rehabilitation stay program CAMP@Frazier.