Rapid Empiric Treatment with Oseltamivir Study (RETOS)


The study is being conducted under the direction of Dr. Julio Ramirez, Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases. Approximately 1000 local subjects will be invited to participate. The purpose of the study is to determine if subjects admitted to the hospital during the flu season with lung infection do better if they get Tamiflu (anti-flu drug) right away, before lab tests are back, compared with subjects who are not treated with flu drugs or who get flu drugs later in their illness.

IRB#: 10.0465


RETOS Research Plan

Case Report Form


Principal Investigator:

Julio Ramirez, MD


  • Paula Peyrani, MD
  • Forest Arnold, DO
  • Raul Nakamatsu, MD
  • Anupama Raghuram, MD
  • Ramy Husainy, MD
  • Francisco Fernandez Gonzalez, MD
  • Humberto Mochizuki-Tamayo, MD
  • Leslie Beavin, MD
  • Rama Kapoor, MD
  • Raul Vasquez, MD
  • SriDivya Peddapalli, MD
  • Stella Medina Rivera, MD
  • Amjad Ali, MD
  • Allen T. Griffin, MD
  • Daisy Azana, MD
  • Martin Gnoni, MD