Clinical Laboratory for the Intervention Development of AUD and Organ-Severity (CLIDAOS)

The focus of our lab is to investigate and characterize various pathological neurobehavioral domains of the Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). We incorporate the domains and associated pathways to develop treatment of AUD. Our projects study the therapeutic-mechanistic targets involving the neurotransmitter response, gut-brain axis, and the neuropharmacological activity of alcohol. Our focus also extends upon the alcohol-associated organ-injury (primarily alcohol associated liver disease; and alcohol-associated cardiac disease). We are also developing human laboratory paradigms to screen novel potential treatments for alcohol use disorder and alcohol associated organ injury.

Active Scientific Projects

  1. Domain-Specific Investigations of AUD characterized by the Novel Gut-Brain Axis
  2. Secondary data analyses on Alcoholic Hepatitis Consortia Trial 
  3. Psychobiotics Therapeutic Response on AUD and concomitant ALD
  4. Longitudinal studies on Proinflammatory Status and Medication Efficacy in HIV
  5. Secondary analysis of large Varenicline Tartrate repurposing trial on AUD
  6. Secondary analysis of large Quetiapine Fumarate XR repurposing trial on AUD
  7. Large Metabolomics, peptidome data analyses of samples derived from patients with AUD and ALD

(Students and trainees are encouraged to apply for participation)

Sites of Investigation and Affiliations