About the Institute of Molecular Cardiology

UofL Cardiology researchersIn 2001, the University of Louisville established the Institute of Molecular Cardiology in order to facilitate and foster cardiovascular research.

Under the direction of Dr. Roberto Bolli, the Institute has made significant contributions in various fields, particularly myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury, cardioprotection, environmental cardiology, diabetes, and postinfarction LV remodeling and heart failure.


The mission of the Institute of Molecular Cardiology is to coordinate the cardiovascular research program at the UofL School of Medicine in order to

  1. facilitate collaboration and synergy among investigators,
  2. utilize our cardiovascular resources optimally and efficiently,
  3. strengthen, expand, and integrate basic and clinical research programs,
  4. facilitate rapid translation from bench to bedside, and
  5. provide institutional support to investigators engaged in cardiovascular research.