Marsha Cole, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

HSC-A, Rm 512, 500 S. Preston St. 502-852-7157 502-852-2558 (lab)

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Ph.D., 2004, Nutritional Sciences, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

    Research Interests

    • Biochemical events related to the occurrence, progression and prevention of heart injury (and myocardial infarction)
    • Impaired mitochondrial function in obesity- and age-induced cardiac injury

    My research is focused on the role of redox signaling in oxidative cardiac injury and heart disease.  Mitochondria are unique organelles that carry out specialized functions, but in addition to being a source of energy, they are also a primary source of reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation. Since mitochondria are abundant in cardiac tissue and control cell cycle/growth, they are typically implemented in numerous diseases and inflammatory models, including cardiovascular dysfunction and aging.  In particular, disease and inflammation support the presence of a pro-oxidative milieu, which can lead to increased mitochondrial production of ROS and nitric oxide synthase activity.  Moreover, my lab is interested in further elucidating the cell signaling and pathogenesis (and measurement) of nitric oxide (NO) and NOx, including consumption of NO via ROS, as well as NO and (nitrite)-mediated nitration of unsaturated fatty acids.

    Lab Personnel

    • Kellianne Piell - Senior Research Technician and Lab Manager