Applicant Selection for Career Changers

Selecting applicants for our program is not an easy task. We realize how much time our applicants have put into completing their applicant file and submitting the necessary materials. Prospective applicants want to know what their chances are for being selected to interview and to be accepted. There's several factors that are taken into account when considering an applicant.

This is a competitive program with limited spots and Assured Admission to the University of Louisville School of Medicine.  You want to be at your peak performance when you apply.  If applicants are lacking in any of the requirements, that can hinder them from being selected.  Applicants are also compared to the general applicant pool in regards to their credentials, attributes, experiences, recommendations, their interview, etc.

There are numerous post-bac pre-med programs with various requirements. You're encouraged to apply to more than one program and should pick those that you are most qualified and competitive.  Re-applicants are considered for our program.  We are currently using PostbacCAS, a centralized application service. Re-applicants must resubmit official transcripts.  Standardized test scores can be official or unofficial, but must be uploaded on the application or the program materials section. New letters of recommendation must also be re-submitted due to the new application process.


There isn't a perfect applicant.  Each applicant is unique and can bring diverse experiences to our program.  Getting into medical school is a rigorous process and completing medical school takes even more work.  Our program is for students who are ready for the challenge to succeed in their pre-med journey!

  • We are seeking candidates who are well rounded and mature individuals that work well with others and can add their positive attributes to the new cohort.
  • We are seeking candidates with a genuine interest in becoming a physician and have made a conscious decision to pursue this field.
  • We are seeking candidates who have illustrated humanistic qualities through volunteering and service to others.
  • We are seeking candidates who have some knowledge about the field of medicine from researching the field, speaking with health professionals/students and gaining clinical exposure by shadowing health professionals (e.g., physicians, nurses, etc.).
  • We are seeking candidates who have performed consistently well academically and scored well on their standardized test (ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc.).

We strive to have a holistic approach to selecting our applicants.  We have requirements that we would like for each applicant to meet, however, there is the opportunity to explain any shortcoming in the special circumstances section of the application.  Keep in mind that it is a very competitive program.  It is a good idea that in addition to our program that you seek out various programs to see which ones you're most competitive for and which programs will be the most beneficial for you. There are programs for academic record enhancement and other career changer programs. Our ultimate goal is to help students become the physician they always wanted to be.


  • Am I eligible to apply?  Please refer to our list of requirements before going any further.
  • Am I academically competitive?  Have I met or surpassed the 3.3 minimum cumulative GPA in either my undergraduate or graduate degree?
  • Have I performed well on standardized tests (e.g., ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT) and met the requirement?
  • Do I have some clinical exposure to the field of medicine either by shadowing a physician, nurse, physician assistant, etc.?
  • Have I spoken with medical students, residents or health professionals about what medical school and the health profession entails to know what I'm getting into?
  • What volunteer service have I done to help others currently or previously?
  • Outside of the assured admission component, do I truly know why I wish to pursue this program?
  • Do I have a genuine interest in pursuing this profession outside of the obvious reasons (e.g., respected profession, substantial income, prestige, etc.).
  • If you are re-applying, make sure that you get advice on what areas may need improvement.  If your interview didn't go as well, ask for advice on how you can improve your interview performance and skills.


If you realize that you aren't competitive for this program, don't give up on your dream! Keep in mind that there are numerous post-bac programs throughout the United States with various applicant requirements. Seek a pre-med advisor at your local four year college/university to gain insight on how to prepare for medical school. Check out our Pre-med Resource Links on our website for pre-med students.

The Association of American Medical Colleges also provides helpful information about preparing for medical school, the MCAT and beyond. The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine is another helpful resource. 

Don't forget that their are numerous health fields to consider that may require less time to complete and still benefit the healthcare of others; nursing, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, physical therapist, medical assistant, dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, public health educator and much more!