2020-2023 Strategic Plan

UofL School of Medicine Advancing Health Together Five pillars: education, research, clinical care, strategic partnerships, and diversity, equity, and inclusion

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Undergraduate Medical Education (UME)

Objective 1: We will develop and initiate a framework to support anti-racism in undergraduate medical education. (July through September 2020)

Objective 2: We will continue developing a more detailed competency-based curriculum and assessment across all four years of the program. (Fall 2020 with some strategies initiating in AY 2021-22)

Objective 3: We will retain high student retention and success rates. (in the face of a global pandemic) (July 2020)

Graduate Medical Education (GME) 

Objective 1: We will recruit, train and retain a sufficient number of talented faculty. (July 2020)

Objective 2: We will recruit and retain high performing program director and coordinators, and GME Staff. (July 2020)

Objective 3: We will assure sufficient number and diversity of patients to meet training needs. (July 2020)

Objective 4: We will assure sufficient resources to recruit and educate residents and fellows. (July 2020)

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Objective 1: We will expand departmental and School of Medicine CME activities. (July 2020)

Objective 2: We will position CME as an asset to leverage the reputation and prestige of UofL Health.

Objective 3: We will expand health system community engagement through CME offerings to support expanded preceptor network for UME and GME.

Objective 4: We will secure stable funding for CME.

Graduate and Postdoctoral Education (GPE)

Objective 1: We will increase the number and diversity of applications received by the Audiology and Communicative Disorders (CMDS) graduate programs. (November 2020)

Objective 2: We will create a new MS program in Biomedical Sciences that will increase SOM graduate enrollment to serve our community locally and attract candidates nationally. (November 2020)

Objective 3: We will attract more undergraduate students at UoL to our SOM graduate programs through increased interaction between HSC and Belknap campus-based academic programs. Increasing diversity in programs is an important part of this objective. (July 2020)

Objective 4: We will provide administrative support for Postdoctoral Fellows and their faculty trainers that will enhance the training experience and help to attract additional funding through training grants and fellowships consistent with R1 research status. (September 2020) 


Objective 1: We will expand and enhance our research enterprise. (June 2020-21)

Objective 2: We will build and diversify our research workforce. (October 2020)

Objective 3: We will restructure service/facility cores including CTU, Comparative Medicine Unit (CMU), cores in COBRES, and free standing cores. (June 2021)

Objective 4: We will improve pre- and post-award support. (June 2021)

Objective 5: We will develop an informatics/data science institute. (March 2021)

Objective 6: We will establish a biobank/organize current biobanks. (July 2021)  

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Objective 1: We will create an inclusive environment where everyone across the SOM feels welcomed, included, respected, supported, and valued (2020-21)

Objective 2: We will enhance diversity across all areas of the SOM by increasing the number of individuals from groups historically underrepresented in medicine (URiM). Emphasis will be placed on individuals who identify as African American/Black and Latinx (AY 2020-21 with some strategies initiating in academic year 2021-22)

Objective 3: We will expand diversity related functions across all areas of the SOM by enhancing the diversity infrastructure, adequate human resources, adequate fiscal resources, and improves SOM-wide integration.

Community Engagement

Objective 1: We will promote engaged scholarship opportunities with special emphasis on health equity, racial equality, and social justice. (July 2020)

Objective 2: We will increase engagement in the Signature Partnership Initiatives (SPI) through outreach and service learning. (July 2020 with some strategies initiating in AY 2021-22)

Objective 3: We will promote local, regional & global engagement. (July 2020 and July 2021)

Patient Care

Objective 1: We will improve continuity of care and expand access by moving from a physician enterprise focused on episodic care to a system that provides excellent life-based care including wellness, population health and multi-specialty clinics. (July 2020)

Objective 2: We will improve quality by building highly reliable, comprehensive relationships with our patients. (July 2020)

Objective 3: We will advance equity and diversity by building collaborative, innovative patient care environments that are foundationally built upon mutual respect, fair treatment, and equal access to care and opportunity. (October 2020)