Core D: The NMR and Protein Expression Core - Andrew N. Lane, Ph.D.

The overall goal of the MT-COBRE NMR and Protein Expression Core is to provide structural biological support for scientists in the MT-COBRE and members of the Structural Biology Program of the Brown Cancer Center (BCC).  It is particularly important for those investigators who are working in the areas of drug development and cancer cell metabolism.  This core facility provides a full spectrum of NMR and protein expression services including advice on experimental design and training.  These facilities have been developed by the BCC since 2002 and would not have been possible without funding from the MT-COBRE.  Because of the complexities of the technology, many of the Core interactions occur as long-term collaborative interactions.  The Specific Aims of the Core are to:  1) provide access to the complete spectrum of NMR technology to members of the BCC scientific programs, particularly for MT-COBRE members; 2) provide, in a collaborative manner, structural biological and metabolomics expertise in applying these technologies to scientific problems being studied by MT-COBRE scientists; 3) provide training opportunities and education in structural biology to graduate students, oncology residents, fellows and BCC investigators;  4) drive drug discovery efforts in the BCC and the MT-COBRE, resulting in the discovery of novel first generation compounds; 5) interact with IACT to ensure the successful translation of MT-COBRE discoveries into early phase clinical trials; and 6) develop and implement new methodologies to solve problems in cancer-related  structural biology.  The presence of this Core Facility played a critical role in success of the MT-COBRE during the initial funding period.