The Stag and the Spear

By McConnell Center Director Dr. Gary Gregg

Paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 248 pages

ISBN 978-1-953058-54-6

Published by Butler Books, 2024


List Price: $19.95

About the Book

It's September 1941 and London is being pummeled from the sky. Sixteen-year-old Duncan Page is evacuated with other children to escape the Nazi bombardment. Just before he boards the train to Oxford, a stranger slips an old wooden box into his luggage with a note to deliver it to a professor at Oxford University. When the box is eventually opened, it reveals an ancient and otherworldly blade. While Nazi spies hunt them down, a secret society emerges from the shadows of Oxford to protect the treasure, Duncan, and his new friend Molly. The chase crosses into Scotland and up to the ancient Standing Stones of Stennes on the Isle of Orkney. Two worlds collide in the mysteries of the North Sea and neither will be the same again. The fate of the blade will be the fate of our world.

All proceeds from The Stag and the Spear will go to the McConnell Center's Civic Education Fund.