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  • Because you know what you want to do but can’t find the right major.
  • Because you want to design your own curriculum.
  • Because the future is interdisciplinary.
  • Because with three concentrations you can triple your chances of career success.
  • Because you want to have control and ownership over your degree.
  • Because you want a degree that is unique to your interests, skills, and background.
  • Because you want to stand out when applying to jobs or to professional/graduate schools.



  • There is no limit to what you can do with the Individualized Major. In addition to building your own inter-disciplinary degree, the Individualized Major gives you the tools to succeed in a competitive job market. With the Individualized Major, your resume will be unlike anyone else’s! Your undergraduate degree is unique to your goals, skills, and interests.
  • Moreover, the Individualized Major can prepare you for virtually any professional and academic graduate program (e.g., law, medicine, education, business).
  • Read what our graduates have to say about the Individualized Major.



  • Please contact the academic advisor for the Liberal Studies Program, Matt Church ( for more information about the Individualized Major and to verify minimum eligibility for admission. Also, please review the application process.



  • Have completed a minimum of 45 semester hours of college credit.
  • Have a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average (including transfer credit hours and grades if applicable).
  • Meet with the Program's Academic Advisor Matt Church ( to develop a curriculum plan.
  • Submit a written proposal of degree program for approval by the Liberal Studies Director (Professor Andreas Elpidorou).


What is the Individualized Major?

woman in blanket in grass reading in front of Ekstrom Library

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree in the Individualized Major which transcends the boundaries of inquiry permitted by single-discipline departments. UofL's Liberal Studies program is part of a national trend, giving eligible students the opportunity to create individualized, interdisciplinary programs that reflect each student's career goals, skills, and intellectual interests.

As an alternative to traditional majors, the Liberal Studies Program allows students to pursue their educational goals in areas not available within an existing departmental curriculum and to customize their curriculum in order to succeed in a competitive job market. The proposed program and accompanying curriculum must be interdisciplinary, drawing from at least three fields or disciplines, and it may not duplicate an existing major.


Learn more about the Individualized Major

The Liberal Studies Research Showcase

The first semi-annual Liberal Studies Showcase took place on Tuesday April 25, 2023. Liberal Studies students presented on their capstone research projects.  Dr. Dan Jones, the founder of 21st Century Parks/The Parklands, delivered a keynote address on the importance of a liberal studies education. The program for the showcase can be found here.

Our next Research Showcase is scheduled for December 05, 2023.