The University of Luxembourg Faculty of Law offers a study abroad opportunity. Luxembourg is the home of many important European institutions and corporations. The venue is vibrant with lots of activities.

While the law school’s regular classes are taught in French, the school offers some classes in English, and it offers a masters degree in media law that is taught entirely in English. Moreover, for courses that are offered partially in English and partially in French, the school will accommodate students who do not speak French.

Possible subjects include the following courses: European Law, European Banking & Financial Law, Law & Litigation, Tax Law, European Private Law, Space, Communication and Media Law, and European Economic & Financial Criminal Law.

Tuition and Expenses
Brandeis School of Law students pay tuition at the University of Louisville and do not pay any additional tuition to the University of Luxembourg, although there may be some additional fees.

Students have the option to participate in a traditional exchange for a semester, or to enroll in Luxembourg’s master’s degree program in Space, Communication and Media Law.

Living Expenses
Students are responsible for their own travel expenses, including health insurance, and their living expenses in Luxembourg.

University accommodation is available through the University of Luxembourg.

A car is unnecessary because public transport is excellent within the city. Food and incidentals can be moderately expensive in Luxembourg. The University of Luxembourg provides information on the cost of living.

Eligibility and Application
Two UofL law students may participate in the exchange to Luxembourg each year, and students must be in good standing to participate in the exchange program.

In order to apply, contact . You will need to apply to the Luxembourg program that interests you. If you are interested in going to the University of Luxembourg for a semester or a year, please plan ahead.

University of Luxembourg Contact
The contact person at the University of Luxembourg is .