Lisbon, Portugal


The University of Lisbon Faculty of Law offers a study abroad opportunity at its Lisbon campus. Lisbon is a beautiful ancient city in the heart of Portugal near the Atlantic Ocean. Students can study at the University of Lisbon for either a semester or a year.  

While the law school’s regular classes are taught in Portuguese, the school offers courses that are taught in English. It is possible to apply credits earned in Lisbon toward a University of Louisville JD degree.

Tuition and Expenses
Louisville Law students pay tuition at the University of Louisville and are tuition-free in Lisbon.

Living Expenses
Louisville Law students are responsible for their own travel expenses, including health insurance, and their living expenses in Lisbon. The University of Lisbon provides information about accommodation and living costs.

There are good bus and train links throughout Portugal, and good intra-city transport within Lisbon, so students can get by without a vehicle. A public transport pass costs approximately 30 Euros per month.

Eligibility and Application
Any Louisville Law student in good standing is eligible to participate in the exchange program.

In order to apply, contact . If you are interested in going to the University of Lisbon for a semester or a year, please plan ahead.

Lisbon Contact
The contact person at the University of Lisbon is .