Class Ranks

Employers who regularly hire Brandeis law students and graduates are familiar with the school's strenuous grading policy.  For those unfamiliar with the law school, we strongly encourage you to review our class rank cutoffs for each of our class years.  Other factors such as course selection, honor activities, and involvement in externships/clinics should also be considered.

The Grade & Percentile Tables below were updated with GPA information through the Spring Semester of 2021. Each table provides the minimum GPA required for the given class rank.

Graduating Class of 2023

Top 10% = 3.91
Top Quarter = 3.67
Top Third = 3.63
Top Half = 3.40

Graduating Class of 2022

Top 10% = 3.84
Top Quarter = 3.66
Top Third = 3.55
Top Half = 3.36

Graduating Class of 2021*

Top 10% = 3.73
Top Quarter = 3.59
Top Third = 3.52
Top Half = 3.39

*Note: Only students who graduated in May 2021 are included in this ranking and not those who graduated in December 2020.

Students are ranked in a "graduating class year" at the Brandeis School of Law based on their completed credit hours at the beginning of the semester. Students seeking their class rank must contact Betty Younis in the Student Records Office.