Latin American and Latino Studies Course Offerings

Classes that fulfill the Latin American and Latino Studies Major, Minor, and Graduate Certificate

Directly below are courses being offered in the next semester that fulfill LALS degree requirements.

Courses Offered 2024 - 2025


Courses Offered: 2024 - 2025

Summer 2024 (PDF)

Fall 2024  (PDF)

Spring 2025 (PDF) (Not available yet)

Below is a complete list of courses that fulfill the LALS Major and Minor. 500 and 600 level courses fulfill the Graduate Certificate.


ANTH 314: Topics in Old and New World Archaeology

ANTH 316: Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica

ANTH 325: Modern Latin American Societies

ANTH 333: Globalizing Inequalities (WR)

ANTH 338: Anthropology of Refugees

ANTH 347: Global Capitalisms

ANTH 548: Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 608: Social and Cultural Theory

ANTH 611: Research: Social Culture

Art History

ARTH 342/542: Mexican Art and Literature

ARTH 365: Mexican Art and Architecture

ARTH 542: Special Topics

ARTH 544: Pan-African Art: Form and Content


COMM 410: International Communication

COMM 350: Intercultural Communication (SBD2)

COMM 510: Health Communication in Belize

COMM 510/690-01: Mass Media in Latin America

COMM 690-75: Metaphors of Cultural Communication

COMM 690-77: Theories of Culture


ENGL 369: Minority Traditions in American Literature (AHD1)

ENGL 373: Women in Literature (AHD1)

ENGL 549: Studies in Post-Colonial and/or Ethnic Literature

ENGL 554: Women's Personal Narratives

ENGL 682: Seminar in Linguistics: Cultural Metaphors

ENGL 682: Seminar in Linguistics: Theories of Culture


GEOG 300: Globalization and Diversity

GEOG 510-75: Global South Urbanism


HIST 310: Studies in History

HIST 331: Colonial Latin America

HIST 332: Latin America 1820-Present

HIST 333: Women in Latin American History

HIST 503: Race, Class, and Identity in Latin America

HIST 533: Revolution and Reform in Twentieth-Century Latin America

HIST 534/612: The US and Latin America

HIST 535: The History of Mexico: Pre-Columbian to the Present

HIST 535/611: The History of America

HIST 622: Latin America Since 1945


HON 336: Honors Seminar in Humanities

HON 436: Honors Seminar in Social Sciences

HON 446: Honors Seminar in Social Sciences (WR)


HUM 377: African American Religion

HUM 380: Culture of Iberia-Latin America

HUM 382: Native American Cultures

HUM 562: Studies of Hispanic Culture

HUM 682: Seminar in Linguistics: Cultural Metaphors

HUM 682: Seminar in Linguistics: Theories of Culture

Latin American and Latino Studies

LALS 200: Exploring Latin America (AHD2)

LALS 310: Introduction to Latin American Studies (SBD2)

LALS 311: Introduction to Latino Studies (SBD1)

LALS 313: Panamanian Culture (SBD2) -taught in May in Panama

LALS 317: Special Topics in Latino Studies

LALS 321: Special Topics in Latin American Studies

LALS 400: Latin American and Latino Studies Undergraduate Internship

LALS 510: Global South Urbanism

LALS 680: Issues in Latin American and Latino Studies

LALS 681: Latin American and Latino Studies Graduate Internship


LAW 886: International Law

LAW 992: Immigration Law


LING 690: Seminar in Linguistics: Theories of Culture

LING 690: Seminar in Linguistics: Cultural Metaphors


MKT 370/670: Global Marketing

Modern Languages

ML 260: Hispanic Contributions to the World (AHD2)

ML 313: Special Topics in Language, Literature, or Culture

ML 356: Masterpieces of Latin American Literature

ML 357: Latin American Literature Today

ML 358: Mexican Literature Today

ML 551: Special Topics

ML 599: Independent Study

Pan-African Studies

PAS 206: Introduction to Caribbean Studies (SBD2)

PAS 219 Survey of Brazilian Music

PAS 227: Survey of American Diversity (SBD1)

PAS 247: Language, Protest and Conflict in the Global Community (SBD1)

PAS 329: Slave Trade and Slavery 

PAS 346: African Language in Diaspora (SBD2)

PAS 360: African Diaspora in the Caribbean and Latin America

PAS 392: Faces of Global Poverty (WR)

PAS 396: History of the Caribbean

PAS 505: The Black Atlantic

PAS 510: Race, Class and Identity in Latin America

PAS 532: Slave Trade and Slavery in the African World

PAS 533: The History and Popular Culture of the African Diaspora

PAS 542/643: Black Women's Voices (WR)

PAS 546: African Language in Diaspora

PAS 547: Language, Race, Class, Gender

PAS 581: Pan-African Art: Form and Content

PAS 621: Religion in African Diaspora

Political Science

POLS 315: Race, Law and Politics (SBD1)

POLS 330: International Relations

POLS 331/506: International Organization (WR)

POLS 332: International Law (WR)

POLS 337: Law, Diplomacy, and Power: The Foreign Relations of the United States

POLS 370: Comparative Political Development in Latin America

POLS 371: Latin America in the World

POLS 399: World Order

POLS 506: Topics in International Relations

POLS 530: International Negotiation

POLS 563: Women in Developing Countries (WR)

POLS 647: Seminar on Latin America

POLS 649: Seminar in Comparative Politics

Social Work

SW 303: Generalist Practice I

SW 304: Generalist Practice II

SW 472: Practicum Seminar and Lab I

SW 473: Practicum Seminar and Lab II

SW 603: Human Diversity


SOC 210: Race in the US (SBD1)

SOC 323: Diversity and Inequality

SOC 392: Faces of Global Poverty (WR)

SOC 454: Social Stratification (WR)

SOC 464: Race and Ethnicity (WR)

SOC 512/612: Gender, Race, Work, and Welfare

SOC 685: Seminar in Race and Ethnicity


SPAN 313: Special Topics

SPAN 320: Spanish Conversation in the Community

SPAN 403: Foundations of Latin America

SPAN 404: Cultural and Literary Perspectives on Modern Latin America

SPAN 499: Special Topics

SPAN 524: Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

SPAN 527: Latin American Literature: Colonial Period through 19th Century

SPAN 528: Contemporary Spanish-American Theater

SPAN 529: Spanish-American Poetry

SPAN 530: Spanish-American Narrative

SPAN 554/654: Hispanic Culture through Film and Media

SPAN 599: Special Topics

SPAN 624: Studies in Hispanic Linguistics

SPAN 634: Spanish of the Workplace

SPAN 644: Origins and Development of Hispanic Culture

SPAN 648: Contemporary Issues in the Hispanic World

SPAN 670: Special Topics

Theater Arts

TA 326: Cultural Diversity in Performance (AHD1)

TA 365: Theater of the African World (AHD2)

TA 555/665: Tools for a Global Theater

Women's and Gender Studies

WGST 325: Women in Literature

WGST 333: Women in Latin American History 

WGST 343: Faces of Global Poverty (WR)

WGST 401: Community Internship

WGST 520: Women's Personal Narratives

WGST 558: Women in Developing Countries (WR)

WGST 593: Topics in Women's and Gender Studies in Humanities